Nobel laureate against Nobel laureate

Encyclopedia states that "chorea" — a syndrome characterized by a movement disorder similar to the normal and usual gestures, facial expressions, but differ from them in amplitude and intensity, more fanciful and grotesque.

Everything that happened in the past two days, the U.S. Capitol, very similar to the mass disease the disease of senior officials and politicians. In any case, those fanciful and grotesque movements they were doing, the evidence of mental health can not be called.

First, convulsive movements made Secretary of State, John Kerry, who is crying, then laughing, argued that no mercenaries in Syria "Al-Qaeda", and are fighting against Bashar al-Assad Syrian opposition incorruptible. Then it started to shake, and the approval of the Secretary of State was showered with that chemical attack organized Assad and there are all of the evidence. He did not present evidence. Apparently, they trampled the other participants of the action covered by the attack of the same disease.

In response to all of this, Putin has diagnosed: Carrie’s lying and knows what’s lying.

Perhaps this can be diagnosed and detail. Poor old Carrie, of course, is lying, but he is not guilty. He’s just very sick, once again picked up by "St. Vitus’s dance."

Following Carrie at the podium issued Defence Minister Chuck Hagel. This elderly gentleman at all agreed to the fact that Russia supplies to Damascus chemical weapons. Apparently, he did bruise his head on his way to the podium, although the public has not seen this trouble, because not everything that is happening on Capitol Hill, her gaze is available.

Do not spared illness and major American Barack Obama, who called the senators — all with the same pretentiousness and in the same genre of the grotesque — "punish evil" come what may.

In general, as noted by the physicians, "chorea" rarely ends well, if it grabs a lot of people at once. Most often they themselves epileptic and people in their environment are injured of varying severity. Although, apparently, the chief American came to the summit of G-20 in a state of severe apathy and nothing but the elected representatives of the Russian sexual minorities not want to see. Perhaps these creatures act on it soothing.

At the same time attacks "fanciful and grotesque" movements "- evidence of serious illness odd to look at it is condescending. Many people are not inclined to leniency. Recently appeared on the Internet an open letter to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire, 1976 British Foreign Secretary William Hague and French diplomacy chief Laurent Fabius over the plans of military aggression in Syria: "The armed rebels and the armies of the legalization of military action the U.S. / NATO will not solve the Syrian problem, but certainly lead to the deaths of thousands of Syrians, the destruction of Syria and its exposure to the ruthless control of fundamentalist jihadists. This will lead to an exodus of Syrians in neighboring states, which in turn will become unstable. Destabilize the entire Middle East, and the spiral of violence out of control. "

Known for his participation in the struggle for peace, not only at home in Ireland, Mairead Maguire back in 2009, when Obama was also on some misunderstanding Nobel laureate, has branded him as the leader of "the most militarized country in the world": "It is said that this (award Obama the Nobel Prize) was made" special efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples. " However, he (Obama) continues the policy of militarism and occupation of Afghanistan, instead of engaging in dialogue with all parties to the conflict. The award of the prize to the leader most militarized country in the world that involves the international community in the war without his consent, would be seen by many people in the world as a promotion for his country’s aggression and domination. "

Patients on Capitol Hill have been touched by this diagnosis. When the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire, the U.S. authorities arrested her twice, and subjected to interrogation by implementing psychological pressure. And, it seems, the point in the relations between the two Nobel laureates not yet delivered. Solidarity with the Americans, who are protesting against plans to "Obomby" against Syria, Mairead Maguire has its say for sure at the leader, pushing America on the path of aggression.

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