November Zenit Stadium ready for opening

April 9 during a working visit to Noyabr’sk Tyumen Oblast Duma, head of the regional policy of OAO "Gazprom Neft" Sergei Bilko visited the construction object. According to Sergei Veksler Stadium ready for 99%, it remains only to spring cleaning, however to cut the red ribbon is premature. Now comes the process of transferring the "Zenith" to the city, on the paperwork will take time.Today Noyabr’sk on assets of the Company built the largest sports complex in the area, "Zenith", an area of 10,000 m2. To ensure a walking distance of sports facilities in the city last year was put into operation two multifunctional mini-stadium with modern artificial turf. This year, plans to build three more fields and a large stadium.

The head of the city administration Jeanne Belotsky oil thanked for the fact that the priorities for them are not only manufacturing tasks, but also the development of social life Noyabr’sk:

— Together with "Gazprom Neft" We have focused on the development in football and hockey, the creation of major sports complexes. In addition, our residents had the opportunity to engage in mass sports in every neighborhood. I am sure that the fruitful cooperation with the Company will be developed in the future.

A good example of cooperation with the municipality of oil has been the construction of a sports complex "Zenith", which the leaders of "Gazprom oil" and the city administration visited immediately after the signing of additional agreements.

Construction and development of the complex is actually completed. It remains only to mount the last part of the process equipment. Though now ready to receive visitors simulator training facilities, a large tub filled with water swimming pool. Fully prepared: a pool for people with disabilities, small gyms. Heat, light and comfortable. Prior to completing the picture just is not enough detail, such as the mirrored wall in the aerobics room. The complex will house a museum and "Zenith", it has already passed awards and personal items Petersburg athletes.

Trim ends of the large sports hall, which can be quickly converted into a concert venue, capable to take more than 750 spectators at a time. It is equipped with the most modern musical equipment, the quality of which will suit even the most demanding pop stars.

According to Jeanne Belotsky, a new sports facility will provide an excellent opportunity to make proposals on the establishment of the Governor of Yamal in Noyabr’sk school of Olympic reserve. In addition, it is important that any resident of the city will be able to come here and to the swimming pool and gym.

— We are now taking a little time, — says Sergey Bilk — but this is due to the fact that we want to be available for noyabryan immediately after the inauguration. Developers to meet the deadline, the object will be put into operation without delay. We hope that the beginning of summer in the complex will have to engage the athletes. Try to make it to the grand opening of the players came to St. Petersburg "Zenith", the more so that the complex will be named the team’s coach Yuri Morozov, brought up most of the best players of this team — promised the head of the regional policy of OAO "Gazprom Neft" Sergei Bilko.

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