OCD Colossus — the project of modernization of the An-124 in Russia

Development work "Colossus" — the project of modernization of the An-124 in Russia.

The first tender for the provision of JSC "Ilyushin" bank guarantee of fulfillment of obligations under the government contract to develop the project heavy long-range military transport aircraft will not take place. September 11, it was announced again, with a new file with the tender documents, the name "Colossus." Earlier, a similar name was mentioned in relation to the development work worth 384 million rubles., Upomnyanutoy procurement plans for the Ministry of Defence in 2012. In the future, this name is encountered in the annual report for 2012 the KLA in the context of the "An-124". According to a report in the priority areas of the KLA in 2013-2014 include the development of design documentation as part of preliminary engineering design "Colossus."

Thus, JSC "Ilyushin" being the lead organization on the subject of military transport aviation in Russia, would be likely to act as a mediator between the Ministry of Defence and the ASTC "Antonov" on the subject of extensive modernization and renewal of serial production of the An-124, with which is a direct government contract.

From bmpd add that the published September 26, 2013 the newspaper "Vedomosti" interview with the CEO and chief designer of JSC "Ilyushin Aviation Complex. Ilyushin "Viktor Livanov, last reported on modernizing the An-124:

— And start developing other civilian aircraft do not want?

-We support the airworthiness of IL-96, and the more we have not yet engaged in civil aircraft. We have a huge load and so on IL-76, IL-112, MTA (Russia-India multi-purpose transport aircraft is under development). Our priority today — military vehicles. But I still did not give you the An-124 ("Ruslan" heavy long-range transport aircraft design OKB. Antonov). This project, too, entrusted with us.

— What about intellectual property Ukrainian Antonov Design Bureau?

-The amendment to the AP-21 (Aviation Regulations. Part 21) is accepted. According to her Russian KB can get the right developer on the plane imported. It looks like this: Russian authorities have requested permission to upgrade and service, if you can not agree with the owner of intellectual property rights airplane … in fact we can start modifying the An-124 right now — there were little nuances that we have to solve with the Defense Ministry. And we, I think, will win the competition for "Ruslana". The rebirth of military transport aviation of the Russian Federation, which was lost with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

— When the An-124 can be upgraded and placed on the wing?

-Contract with us yet. We have split the program into several stages. Will first sketches of technical design, then development. We anticipate that this will be a reasonably high degree of continuity of the 476-th machine. I think 3-3.5 years after we finish work on "Ruslana".

— What are the needs of the Ministry of Defense in these machines?

-If you remember, Mr. Serdyukov said: "I will not buy another 20 machines." Now the Ministry of Defence has decided on a phased program of work on this. First, we upgrade the machine so that it can fly not only for Russia, but also on international routes. Once work on the existing fleet will be completed, the Army will decide whether to build a new aircraft or not.

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