On about. Jamaica flew hurricane

On about. Jamaica flew Hurricane Natural Disasters

Jamaica was under a hurricane hit Sandy, who had a 1-category of danger. One person died after it fell from a hill a few cobbles budge hurricane wind. According to forecasts, the hurricane will only gain momentum, moving towards the north of Cuba, which already declared a storm warning.

Sandy brought heavy rain and wind with a speed of 125 km / h In this regard, on the island of closing schools and airports, water transportation has changed its course in the major cities for two days curfew. First came under attack in Kingston, then a hurricane as it moves to the north at a speed of 22 km / h, heavy rains and winds hit the coast near the town of Port Antonio. It is reported that some of the southern cities of Jamaica in the current rainwater was found a few crocodiles that were captured by streams of coastal mangroves. One of these crocodiles brought right into the courtyard of a family of Jamaican Portmora.

Rainfall in parts of Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and eastern Cuba could reach 500 mm. The authorities of these countries are seriously concerned that this rain will lead to massive flooding and landslides, especially in the mountains. Over thousands of Jamaicans have been evacuated to shelters organized, as in 70% of the houses because of the wind power goes out, the streets are flooded, the roof and the shabby houses damaged.

Neighboring Bahamas declared the status of "observation" in connection with the close proximity of Hurricane Sandy. In Florida, operates the same status, there meteorologists said the likelihood of a tropical storm, after Sandy add in force, leaving Cuba.

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