On the basis of KumAPP in Bashkiria create a center of composite materials for the aircraft industry


Center for composite materials for the aircraft industry and helicopter — a promising new project, the implementation of which agreed guidance of Bashkortostan and the company "Helicopters of Russia". This was the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov informed the deputies of the National Assembly — Qurultay RB in today’s plenary session of the Parliament. 

 Rustem Khamitov said that the KumAPP — the largest enterprise of the country, which for 50 years has been working on Kamovskoye direction, it is expected the new development — Ka-226TM. It is a completely new machine. In this case, the company "Helicopters of Russia" an agreement for the establishment of composite materials for the aircraft industry and the helicopter industry.

— The relevant proposals "Helicopters of Russia" will make the country until December — the President of Bashkortostan. — German technology, with a super-modern production has actually solved one of its placement in Kumertau. The cost of about six or seven billion rubles. The Republic will also participate in the project.

The project will completely new way to work in the helicopter. That — and cabins, and responsible helicopters carrying bundles and more. In addition, there will be unloading Kazan, Rostov, Ulan-Ude plant, the same Arsenevsky plant in the Far East, which produces the Ka-52. Much of the rekomplektatsii these helicopters and units will be manufactured in Kumertau.

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