On the facade of the Olympic Hotel in Sochi installed solar generating complex

In the Imereti lowland Sochi built hotel cost $ 2 billion. It is fundamentally different from other hotel projects in the Olympic capital that on the facade of the building will be installed solar power generation modules, and to promote the hotel to the market you plan to use a new scheme for the Russian Sale and Leaseback.


Installation on the facade of the "Russian Seasons" solar power generation modules can be seen not so much as the optimization of energy supply facility, but as a fashion competitive advantage — in the light of olimpstroevskih "green" practices consonant with the positioning of the hotel will help in attracting customers. Generating a set of 32 kW and an area of 354 square meters. m consisting of 255 units of 125 watts each, at a cost of about 9,000,000 rubles will cover only 1% of total energy consumption hotels. The service life of the installation — 25 years, according to a company supplier of modules, "Hevel". In this case, on its return, it seems, out of the question — for possible economic gain is too small fraction of the "alternative" energozamescheniya and the high cost of installation. With similar solutions "Hevel" is also participating in two Olympic projects and the construction of stations Gudermes and Grozny, funded by Russian Railways, a private commercial real estate objects with the use of energy solutions in the South yet.
The initiators of the Sochi project plan to certify the hotel to international standards of energy efficiency and environmental BREEAM and LEED — architecture of the building and the installation of solar panels are subject to the requirements of energy saving and waste water will be recycled deep local treatment facilities. Sochi facilities for "green" standards — an attractive but costly trend: the construction of facilities such standards costing significantly more expensive. For example, a number of objects Olimpstroya are built to the standards of BREEAM, whereas for the private investors, this is still a luxury.

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