Open letter to the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation

Open letter to the Minister of Defence to award the title of Hero of Russia Major Solnechnikovu (posthumously)

Background: "The battalion commander instantly bearings in the atmosphere, and closed a soldier than saved his life … The wounded officer promptly taken to a military hospital. More than one and a half hours of military doctors fought for his life, but the injuries were too severe to save him failed … "

Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation
AE Serdyukov

Dear Anatoly E.!

On behalf of the veterans and war, veterans of military service and law enforcement agencies and members of their families and the families of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland, as well as other citizens of the Russian Federation — the users of the social network — intercede on assignment to the battalion commander, Major Sergei connection Solnechnikovu title of Hero of the Russian Federation (posthumously).

Having shown the best qualities of a Russian officer, a real man and a soldier, Major Sergei dory in the performance of their duties accomplished the feat — the cost of his life saved the lives of his subordinates. This is an example of selfless service to the Fatherland, a constant willingness to sacrifice lives for the sake of his subordinate officers and men.

Major S. Solnechnikovu nobody ordered to perform this heroic act. Combat could take a step to the side, hide behind the backs of others and thus save his life. But the major S. Dory did not, in tenths of a second to make another decision — to close the grenade with his body.

This suggests that internally officer was always willing to commit a feat, and, happen like that in a combat situation, he did not hesitate to have committed a deed in the name of their country — Russia.

We ask you to intercede with the President of Russia — the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Russia on assignment to Major Sergei Solnechnikovu highest honorary title of the country — the Hero of the Russian Federation — and ever enrolled in the lists of the military unit.

Heroic act Major Sergei Solnechnikova is an example for all members of the Armed Forces of Russia, an example of the professionalism and high morale and military duty.

Sincerely, —
a veteran of the fighting, bloggerbb_mos
and the undersigned:

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