OptoGaN: a year on the market of LED retrofit bulbs


According to experts in the past year the Russian market of LED lamps showed an increase of more than 9 times. The increasing demand for energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions for home lighting allowed the company to release a wide range of retrofit with different power and color temperatures. In September 2012, "OptoGaN" complements its most powerful LED lamp and the first retrofit socket E-14.

The most powerful LED lamp series "OptoGaN" consumes 12 watts and is a complete analogue of 75-watt incandescent bulb. The luminous flux of 950 lumens and a standard size allow you to use it in all residential and business premises. The lamp socket E-14 extends the application of LED light sources in designer fixtures that are designed for smaller lamps and svecheobraznoy form. When luminous flux of 330 lm its power is 5W.

For more information about the range of retrofit bulbs can be found at http://e27.optogan.ru/

The Russian market

According to experts of company "OptoGaN", the volume of the Russian market of LED lighting in 2011 is estimated at 180 million dollars. The share of light-retrofit was 1% or $ 1.8 million in cash. Experts predict that in 2012 the market will grow to $ 280 million, with the share of the retrofit will increase to 6% (16.74 million dollars). Despite the fact that the most popular in Russia are LED solutions in the field of industrial, office and street lighting retrofit lamp gradually increase their market share. The main barrier to widespread LED lamps on the market of domestic lighting is still the high cost compared to traditional light sources. In this regard, in 2012 the main efforts of the major manufacturers of LED-retrofit aimed at reducing the price of lamps while maintaining the performance achieved earlier. Analysts forecast a further reduction in the cost of LED lamps to 300 rubles in the next two years, which will increase their competitiveness in the segment of light houses, building and lighting of large industrial facilities.

World market

On the world market LED-lighting industry occupy a leading position and office solutions, as well as architectural lighting. The share of light-retrofit LED lighting market in 2011 was 23%, retrofit bulbs with E27 base — 9%.

The widespread use of LED light sources in developed countries over the past three years, marked ‘LED revolution ", which has translated into the category of LEDs commodity — consumer goods. Reducing the cost of LEDs, the development of the industry and increased competition have changed the vector of development of LED products, from the office to a household.

Among the major trends in the development of LED-release products: size reduction, cost reduction through integrated solutions, the use of plastic materials in lamps, retrofit and expansion of the functional lighting fixtures. A special area of the development of LED applications — this designer lamps and interior lighting.

"In Russia on incandescent lamps account for more than 50 percent of all light sources. For comparison, in Europe — only 12. Retrofit lamps-competitive with conventional lamps is easy, but to do so in our country, too, must go through the LED revolution. Drastic changes in the LED market will depend on the development of the domestic producers as well as from state support for the use of energy-saving light sources — says Alexey Bucket, executive vice-president of "OptoGaN." — The strategy of "OptoGaN" in the consumer segment is the constant increase in the product line and lower product prices through economies of scale without compromising the quality of our products. "

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