PAT GROUP AND THE ELECTRON-LOSA presented the all-wheel drive ambulances

By the day of medical worker, June 14, 2013 PAO"Concern-Electron"together with the Lviv regional administration presented the four-wheel drive vehicle designed for emergency medical care in remote mountainous areas and the countryside. 

The car is fully equipped with the necessary equipment and medicines provided. Now Electron introduced a test sample, however, if the car will ensure the needs of medical professionals and interested members of the state, the Group is ready to start their serial proizvodstvu.Prezident Corporation "Electron

"Yuri Bubes gave an overview of the car and said that the machine is equipped with everything necessary to provide medical care on site. On the relevance and necessity of this car show reviews health-care providers Concern trying to make it available to Ukrainian medicine. During the presentation, the head of the Lviv Oblast State Administration Victor Shemchuk noted the high relevance of this truck for Ukrainian medicine, because it is equipped with all-wheel drive and a diesel engine, which is essential for cars emergency medical care, especially in remote mountainous areas. Such a machine is clearly needed not only in the Lviv region, but also across Ukraine

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