People trillions or what happened to the Stabilization Fund …

Many, many nesisopy (non-systemic opposition), Emo liberasty patriots or just a great pleasure to chew a bone thrown to Mr Berezovsky — Vladimir Putin’s personal wealth, acquired through "raspilinga" Stabilization Fund and "otkatinga" friends of oligarchs. Even make predictions about the magnitude of capital Prime Minister. Sizes range from 40 billion to 260 billion American dollars. The value depends on the personal qualities and imagination nesisopa / Emo patriot / liberasty, as well as the amount of ringing at his expense the grant.
However, if we ignore the hysteria and liberasticheskuyu stupid google expanses of I-net, you can easily keep track of expenses of the state for their own needs, that is, the opening of new facilities and upgrading existing ones. And the size of the spending roughly defined esteemed colleague donchak in his article, "Made in Russia-2: Modernization" (70 billion American dollars per year). So, what we see:
In 2005, LSR Group has completed the construction of Russia’s largest plant for the production of aerated concrete. Investment in the construction of the new plant is $ 32 million
JSC "ELEKTROZAVOD" in 2009 completed the construction in the Republic of Bashkortostan new modern enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of power and distribution transformers. Investment in new plant exceeded 5 billion.
Argun Industrial Mining and Chemical Union (PPGHO) — a subsidiary of "Uranium Holding ARMZ" — completed the construction of a sulfuric acid plant at the cost of more than $ 30 million, the official launch is scheduled for June 2009.
In 2009, the town of Budennovsk, Stavropol Territory on the basis of "Stavrolen" completed the production of polypropylene. In the construction has been invested 4.1 billion rubles.
Today is 18.02.2009. on about. Sakhalin (settlement Suburban) hosted the celebrations dedicated to the launch of Russia’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG). The value of investments of more than $ 2 billion.…09/february/article56940/
Stary Oskol. February 5, 2009 As the general direktoraassotsiatsii "Building Industry" Ivan Hussars, construction of the plant began production of lime and a half years ago. The cost of the purchased equipment is around 2.5 million euros. The construction of a spent 3.5 million euros.
12.02.2010g. It is planned to complete the construction of a glass factory Mozhginsky. It is expected that on completion of the project for the construction of a glass factory Mozhginsky size of investments will amount to 115 million euros.
21.12.2007. The construction of the first plant for the production of lime and ground chalk. The total investment in the plant will be about 1,850 billion rubles.
03.09.2008 The government has approved the release of "Sitronics" 26.9 billion rubles for the construction of a new microelectronic production. This spring, the credit for the development of a similar project was the owner of a competing plant "Angstrom" Sergei Veremeyenko. Now the two companies will compete to see who will open on the first new production of the state’s money.

These are the facts about which I have stumbled once, without straining. Besides, this is only the information about the construction of plants! Build more complex than the upgrade, so we can conclude on the amount of cash that the state invests in the economy!
By analyzing the available information, I came to the conclusion that the information the car and a large truck, but it is not systematized. This fact and are liberasty various kinds, arguing that "not all right in the Danish kingdom." And if the fact of the commissioning of the plant «N» — reinforced the argument of the family, the lack of information about the launch of this plant is treated uniquely liberasty — "No plant, sawed loot, I was there, but only saw a pit under construction …". Shorter in the best traditions of the art of manipulation of consciousness — I crowed, and prove to you that I am a cock.

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