Photo report / 22th Guards Regiment

In the sky above Vladivostok recently significantly increased the intensity of the Russian Air Force fighters fly — in the context of a planned military training pilots work out routes of security of the upcoming APEC summit.

August 12, Russia will celebrate the Day of the Air Force. On the eve of a trip organized by the airbase "Central-Angle." In the inventory of the unit is immediately 3 types of aircraft: fighter "Su-27SM," "Su-30" and the high-altitude interceptor "MiG-31." These planes allow us to look at even the most remote corner of the border region. Fighter pilots are disabled combat duty, and at any moment their planes ready to climb into the sky.


22th Guards Fighter Aviation Regiment at the airport "Central Corner" has a long history: it was founded in 1918. As the successor of the former 6th IAP Air Force Pacific Fleet, which was part of the 7 th Fighter Air Division, covered the sky over Vladivostok in 1940-1950s, is now the regiment is based on the historical place in the suburbs of Vladivostok.

Armed with the latest technology, it is able to perform any task on the defense of the air borders of Primorye.

It recently received the Su-27SM is now added to the Su-27SM2, is a profound degree of modernization "esemok."

One of the squadrons armed fighter-interceptor MiG-31. It is their heavy and sharp sound can be heard above the city, where these seem a bit awkward and clumsy planes are landing. On this day, the MiG-31 was playing the role of scout weather

Preflight intstruktazh

Model airplanes are required to demonstrate some elements of flight or flight maneuvers

This study is a simulator combat fighter SU-27



"Flight" on the simulator is fully consistent with the real



Flight simulators in addition to the regiment has a nice patina. Most of the military pilots are 1st class. Long forgotten times when the lack of kerosene forced for several months, if not years, to "sit on the ground."

22th Guards Regiment is part of the 3rd Air Defense Command. And for some time, this military unit is included in the 6089 Guards Red mixed air base "Central Angle."


The work is based on the airbase aircraft tight interaction with a 530-m Fighter Wing at the airport "Sokolivka" armed MiG-31. The main task — to cover the border with China and the border patrol aircraft in designated areas. Basically, it’s the high seas, where the accident can fly "stray" planes of neighboring countries.

Technicians provide a full inspection of the aircraft before takeoff and after







Too bad Mr. flights that day were canceled, will have to go back one more time ;)) In the meantime, a few pictures from the 

pressa_tof, who managed to pull off a landing "Dying" while I was studying simulator :))


In connection with the reform of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the 22th Guards Reg
iment gets new technology and new challenges. Remains the only one of its kind in the territory of Primorye, the regiment is a constant combat duty in the Far East, as a major unit of the Air Forces of Russia. At the time of the APEC summit Uglovskoe air base goes on alert number 2, during which the pilots will be on duty at the aircraft with loaded ammunition, ready to take off for one minute in heaven.

A small video:


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