Polishing Auto Body

Polishing car body

Polish body of the car — it's caring for her appearance, as the removal of small scratches and cracks. With the help of polishing a car with a layer of protection. The consistent implementation of auto cosmetics has become commonplace, in fact destroy the coating is not difficult, it is known to every driver.

Normal, single polish Body does not provide the ability to achieve the desired result. Polishing should include several steps. At first, with a special skin, remove An old paint, to restore to the abrasive polishing paste. Then he applied for the protection of abrasive paste. After repairing the vehicle on its surface may be unnecessary elements to be removed at earlier. Ordinary polish, which is held to restore appearance, hides small scratches.

Specialists say that lend themselves better to polish cars made in Germany: Volkswagen, Opel, Mercedes, Audi, Skoda and now. Now to get spare parts and Skoda to polish the body can be in a single service center.

It should be emphasized that these polishes generally do less than 20, it affects the thickness of the paint on the vehicle. After repairing the vehicle: the substitution of shock absorbers, brake pads, engine overhaul is recommended to polish the body. Now Volkswagen spring delivery is available on the website www.avtozap4asti.ru.

Before you choose polish should look around the car cover. If the car cover just dimmed, you can elect polish, in the composition of which does not include particles of abrasive material. In the presence of small lesions should be selected polish that will make the best color of the car. Keep in mind that no polish is not able to return the car to the initial view.

The properties of the polish affect its components. For example, silicone-based polish or wax and applied and removed quite easily. After 3 washes the car will have all the deal again. The most reliable are polymer polish that excellent protection car and for a long time keep (more than 5 months).

Before polishing car should be well washed, with all this heavy scratches can be closed, what used special tape. All plastic parts are locked. The room in which will be polished, to be perfectly ventilated and have no bad lighting. The polishing process can be carried arms or special machine. In carrying out polishing as an unchanging customer service center can be formalized discounts on auto parts.

In carrying out his hands polishing wax is applied to cloth and then rubbed on the body. After that you need to polish has dried (before the snow-white plaque). Then body wiped dry with a cloth. For the best rassredotachivaniya process of rubbing and polishing in one place you need to do at least 20 radial movements. For best effect, you need to polish 2 times.

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