Positive aspects of Android

The positive side of AndroidOne of the most advanced operating system for mobile devices is Android system. Version Upgrade droid come out with sufficient stability and regularity, because all owners of designated "OSes" You can not worry about what their mobile applications in just a few weeks out of date.

So what's all the same advantages of the latest versions of Android? Here it must be said that the operational software developers have decided to make a kind of operating system for the integration of the traditional mobile phone OSes for the Tablet PC. In other words, left-purpose operating system, wherein the opportunity to make the team in multi-tasking. Due to the developed multi-tasking system, owned a mobile device or tablet now be able to just download the game on the droid, with all this without exiting the Web browsing or mode of determining the coordinates of the location in the orientation on the navigation system of the telephone.

Android allows the use of advanced widgets that can assist in solving certain problems and getting disk imaging, the right to work and play. For example, widget determining temperature, pressure and relative humidity — a good function of the system which can be installed on appropriate phones and communicators.

Operating system for phones droid has a unique voice input feature a clear message at the arbor on their electric post. On various models have the opportunity to support the Russian language, which simplifies the sending of a message and can significantly save time.

We must not forget that in addition to the game and a communication device Android-based phones can be used as a good digital camera and the camera. Then there is a unique opportunity digital zoom, which makes repeated increases drawings without losing its properties.

Leap of games and other software is held at high speed in the presence of the respective networks on the ground. The presence of the types of connection means Wi-Fi and GPRS gives opportunity candidates both in speed and cost.

A unique feature of Anlroid is Face Unlock, which allows you to unlock your phone based on the detected facial image of the holder.

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