Production of ultra-modern building material started in the Stavropol region

Manufacture of products for the construction industry of wood-plastic composite (WPC), the core of which is used 75% of the straw, launched in the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

Wood-Polymer Composite — ultra-modern material.

KDP has all the best natural properties of wood, but it is deprived of such shortcomings, such as rotting and mildew, flammability, surface defects, does not absorb moisture, etc. The wood-polymer composite is more resistant to the external environment, low temperatures, is more durable than wood and wood-based panels. The production of a new type of building materials started on the basis of Ltd. "Stavservis".

The range of companies — terraced, floor parquet, fence boards, as well as siding and beams. The Company does not exclude that in the future, with the expansion of production, it is producing more than 100 kinds of products with new technology.

"In the Stavropol region created the first production, mastered the production of such products. At the heart of this material — about 75% of the straw used as a wood filler, and the rest — a polymer. Behind this technology, we see a great future …", — said the deputy Chairman of the Government of Stavropol Territory Georgi Efremov.

According to him, the new production accorded priority in the construction of affordable and comfortable housing. It also allows for the rational use of waste of agrarian production — "the straw that remains in huge numbers in the margin of the Stavropol Territory, but still" almost not used, but simply burned. "

"Given the importance of the project, the Government will provide assistance to the edge scaling of production. We will support the likes of all available means," — he stressed.

Liquid wood market in Russia is still in its infancy. However, with increased government regulation in the field of woodworking and recycling of waste material is an additional incentive for the development in Russia: there is a demand for the product, opened the first production. The wood-polymer composite (WPC) materials, has recently received special attention from investors and producers.

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