Raised the question of the development of the allied countries — Our homeland, Belarus and South Ossetia

The last Russian-Belarusian announcements related to neuvvyazkami economy, the monetary system of Belarus, Belarus in an attempt to organize a "color revolution" debt union republic, etc., lured attention to the subject of the joint future of the Russian Federation and Belarus — the ability to make a unity government.

This issue is raised and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the forum "Seliger-2011" on August 1, responding to questions from the participants. Putin, the question may be whether to make our homeland and the Republic of Belarus in the end became one answered the subsequent: "It could be very best and absolutely, 100%, is dependent on the will of the Belarusian people." When Idina of the participants from Belarus said that the Belarusian people behind the association, Putin said virtually the subsequent: "Then fight for it." Supported by Vladimir Putin and current President of Belarus, which is part of the Russian media is constantly demonized, he said that "with all the difficulties that appear from time to time, for example, in the sphere of economy, energy, the gas we argue, to pay tribute to the current management of the republic and Alexander Lukashenko Grigorevichu, which in turn follows the path of integration with Russia. " It is important words that match with the views of many patriots of, for all the shortcomings "father", he really did almost everything to save the potential of Belarus.

In addition, Vladimir Putin does not rule out the ability of that will go into the Russian Federation and South Ossetia, saying that in response to Georgia's military action Our homeland has supported the Ossetian people and that "the future will depend on the most of the Ossetian people." Answer from the South Ossetia came almost immediately, its president, Eduard Kokoity, August 2, said that "the people of South Ossetia has historically focused on Russia and will never forget the historic Moscow's decision to recognize the independence of South Ossetia in August 2008." South Ossetian President also said that, in his opinion, "South Ossetia may enter into the countries of the Union of Russia and Belarus after Belarus recognition of our independence." So Makar, we litsezreem established the prerequisites for the creation of a new Union as part of Russia, Belarus and South Ossetia, it is necessary only to show political will.

Of course, the steps in this direction should make all parties, so that the time has come to Minsk to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, more defined with its own foreign policy orientation, ceasing to flirt with the EU. It's time to determine Minsk and the common currency system, which in the country of the Union shall be one. Moscow with his own hand should not go for virtually economic blackmail.

Raised the question of the union state - Russia, Belarus and South OssetiaIn South Ossetia, in the creation of the general government issues in the economy, less money, the country in this respect fully and completely depends on the Russian Federation: the financing of its budget RF, The vast majority of its people have been Russian passport (as the citizens of Abkhazia), as the Russian ruble currency use, restoration of infrastructure after the war of 2008, sponsored by Our homeland; gas goes through Russia; All external trade is aimed at Russia — virtually all imports of products consumed republic goes with Russian countryside.

Another big problem — foreign policy, the union of the Russian Federation and South Ossetia will cause an international scandal, the Western world and the United States can go even to certain sanctions. In other words question association — it's a matter of having an independent political will, is ready to begin our homeland to pursue an independent policy, do not crawl in line with the policy of the West. Although, taking into account the situation in the world, probably, very soon the U.S. and the EU will have no of, all the attention will be absorbed by internal neuvvyazkami. Senate of the United States and Russia formally recognized as an occupier, because we can go back to the step.

Of B. Fishing season — Is a definite sounding sentiments in Russian society, Belarus, including the pre-election move. The vast majority of the people of the Russian Federation negative about the death of the Soviet Union, have nostalgia for it, and any attempt to start the real process of integration in the post-Soviet space, to do at least like the USSR would be favorably received. Citizens of the Russian Federation, despite all the vicissitudes of the past 2 decades, uh, kept craving for great power, because if Putin will bet on the recovery of in the world as the majestic power, his success is guaranteed. In addition, this step is pressure on Alexander Lukashenko personally to end the policy of maneuvering.


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