[Report 1TV] The results of the exercise and army technical updates

Exercise was held in recent months, when the Supreme Commander suddenly gave the order, and military units were to turn around in a short time, under conditions that are as close to the fighting. Vladimir Putin as a whole maneuver was satisfied. But now the defense issues will be discussed in a non-stop, the next scheduled inspection in September. About unscheduled military usher probably the alarm. Therefore, the task of generals — not to report on progress and identify weaknesses.

The naval base in Novorossiysk should be ready in 4 years. Building in an emergency mode, and watched personally by the Minister of Defence. In late March, he came for an inspection and found many built only on paper. This week, Sergei Shoigu again checked contractors. The case finally moved.

At the construction site have now installed the webcam:’s crisis center of the Ministry of Defence for the process can be monitored in real time. The new ships will be based in one year, together with them, and submarines.

It is on the ground near Novorossiysk almost two months ago ended large-scale exercises. Three dozen warships, fifty guns, 250 armored vehicles — the battle with the conventional enemy they come after march throw of 450 kilometers.

Checking the alert was sudden: The President gave the order to start the exercise from the plane on the way from South Africa. The alarm sounded at 4 am.

After a February workout when equipment broke down frequently on the move, the helicopters took off at times, and to some parts and did not reach the same alarm on March maneuvers expected more. And not in vain.

"In general I believe that all personnel coped with the task. And I want to thank for it, and the Ministry of Defence, the leadership of the General Staff, the personnel of the Southern Military District of airborne troops, naval special unit", — said Vladimir Putin.

For 20 years, the military did not have such unannounced inspections. But only when there is no time to prepare, and the result is much closer to the truth.

"We can already say before talking about it, these unannounced checks have confirmed once again, where we have weaknesses. First of all communication, some of the other components of the military and military work", — said the President.

Problems with communication said back in 2008. Then in South Ossetia in actual combat officers were asked to mobile from journalists. Army needs a new system of communication and control, most importantly, a single. As long as it’s not, but always will be. Lack of modern technology, the Russian military will not.

"In the army comes, more and more new technology will do even more in the near future, as you know. Need to understand how people learn it, the personnel. And you have to understand how the technology itself is in conditions close to the fighting" — said Vladimir Putin.

All this week the strengths and weaknesses of the Russian army the President discussed with the military. Almost daily meetings with representatives of the different branches of service. We talked about the development of a missile defense system and the future of the naval forces of the country.

The main thing — the real combat training. And the problem, according to Vladimir Putin, not to shine paint, and working out in concerted action. Although it is the brilliance of the same should not be forgotten.

The parade on May 9 — the day when the whole country with a sinking heart watching every step across the cobblestones of Red Square. 120 steps per minute, this year after three years there have been students of Suvorov Military School.

Two Alexander Larin Belobrov and, this year, college graduate. For them, participation in the Victory Parade with nothing compares. A few months of training, 17-year-old boys had to pass on a par with those for whom the parade is not a novelty.

"During one exercise, when 28 people from all over the front of calculation fell into a swoon, among them there were no cadets. So we bravely suffered all this", — says Alexander Suvorov Military School graduate Belobrov.

Passage of military equipment — always the culmination of the parade.

Here and T-90 tanks and missile systems "Buk" and "Iskander" missile launcher and "Topol-M". For the first time in Red Square BTR-82A, it is only this year put into service.

In suburban infantry brigade in equipment that came with the parade, loaded ammunition, she now in a state of combat readiness. Waiting for the alarm.

Externally the past generation BTR-80 a little bit different. But even in comparison difficult.

"Engineering is equipped with an automatic 30-millimeter gun. On the old BTR was just a heavy machine gun. Laser sight worth stabilizer. That is what allows accurate fire on the move," — said a senior driver-mechanic BTR Roman landlords.

Self-propelled artillery MSTA can be seen on parade in Moscow and Yekaterinburg. But the main thing on the exercises. After participating in parades military equipment.

"Over the years, the Central Military District of technology comes to the parks, just to get routine maintenance work," — says the assistant commander of the Central Military District Jaroslav Roschupkin.

And of course, what a parade without aviation. Combat helicopters Ka-52.

These recently received at the air base in the south of Russia. And the Mi-35, this change in the famous Mi-24. Pilots, who are already flying on older machines, they say, experience is not just a new strong.

"This is like heaven and earth. It is like the old" Lada "in the new" Mercedes "and take. So this is a new level of technology," — said the commander of a MI-35, Lt. Eugene Lapshin.

The new technique will get regular army. However, and spot checks of readiness will also become commonplace. That they allow the armed forces to be truly combat-ready. Experts say the world has changed, you need to react more quickly. This is only a conditional opponent waits until all gather on the actual such gifts should not wait.

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