Ruspolimet launched a new mini-mill value of $ 1.5 billion

November 30th the company Ruspolimet (Kulebaki, Nizhny Novgorod region) has launched a new steelmaking complex for the production of high-quality construction, and srednelegirovannye low carbon, stainless, bearing, tool, heat-resistant steels and alloys.

The complex includes electric arc furnace, ladle furnace, vacuum plant and steel semi-automatic casting.

Today it is — the most modern workshop Rossii.Pusk this complex will close the outdated open-hearth furnace, while retaining jobs.

The complex will produce ingots weighing up to 12 tons and a diameter up to 900 mm for the aviation, energy, nuclear engineering and other industries of the Russian Federation. The volume of production — 60 million tons of liquid steel per year. For the realization of this project has been spent over 1.5 billion rubles. The project has a social and fiscal significance: tax payments for the next 5 years will be more than 240 million rubles.

The use of advanced technologies in the manufacture of their own production to reduce production time 2-3 orders of consumers. More than 5-fold increase productivity.

Electric Arc Furnace system is provided intensification of melting and to discharge into the bucket up to 8 tonnes of metal. Ladle treatment will be intermediate ladle furnace ladle furnace # 6 with providing metal finishing chemical composition and temperature to the set parameters. At the on-off chamber vacuum degasser can be carried out in two metal processing methods: VOD (vacuum oxygen decarburization with argon purging) and VD (evacuation of metal), which will reduce the number of non-metallic inclusions in steel and gas content. All units are equipped with basic modern cleaning system released into the atmosphere of harmful substances of metallurgical production. In the first quarter of 2012 is expected to commission forging press 1,600 tons, and a rail transporter 5 and 12 m, heating and heat treatment furnaces.

As a result, Ruspolimet be a vertically integrated company with a complete production cycle — from melting of special steels and alloys to manufacture ring blanks and forgings.

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