Russia gave Uganda a second batch of Su-30MK2

Uganda Air Force received a second batch of Russian Su-30MK2, said Ugandan edition of Daily Monitor. What is the number of aircraft Russia has transferred Uganda is not known. According to the representative of the Air Force captain Kikonko Tabari (Kiconco Tabaro), the military did not disclose the details received military equipment or troop movements for security reasons.


Russia gave Uganda the first batch of Su-30MK2 in July 2011. Information about the size of the party then also not been disclosed.

Currently, one of these aircraft does not fly, as is being repaired — September 8, 2011 during a test flight in one of the engines of the Su-30MK2 sucked a bird, resulting in a fire. The pilot was able to land, and the fire was extinguished. At present, specialists of "Rosoboronexport" engaged in repair of the damaged engine.

It is not clear on what exactly the contract is the delivery of fighters. In May 2011 it was reported that the Ministry of Defence of Uganda purchased from Russian Su-30MK2 fighters, according to various estimates six to eight fighters. The deal, not officially confirmed "Rosoboronexport" was 740 million dollars.

In April 2010, "Rosoboronexport" Uganda has sold six Su-30MK2 fighters, and at the same time entering into a deal with Algeria to supply 16 Su-30MKA. The total cost of the two contracts was $ 1.2 billion. Shortly after the announcement, a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of Uganda Felix Kulayigi denied the report, saying that the parties could not agree on the cost of military aircraft.

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