Russia harvested 16.7 million tons of grain

According to the Agriculture Ministry, grain threshed in Russia with 11.2% of the area, the collection reached 16.7 million tons, half (8.4 million tons) more index on the same date last year. Threshed 5.1 million hectares — is 1.9 million hectares more last year's level. Average yield of 32.7 t / ha, more 25.9 kg / ha in 2012. Including harvested 12.9 million tons of wheat (5.5 million tonnes more 2012), with 15.7% of the area, its yield — 33.0 c / ha, more 26.1 kg / ha in the previous year. Barley threshed from 5.1% of the area harvested 1.7 million tons, up 1.2 million tons more 2012, the yield is 38.6 t / ha, more 32.4 kg / ha in 2012. Winter rape threshed with a 59% forecast area, harvested 238.7 thousand tons of this culture (12 times more than in 2012 — 20.9 thousand tons) with a yield of 17.1 t / ha, more 12.3 kg / ha in the previous year.

+The Federation Council approved a law on gosspoddrezhke farmers to unfavorable agricultural areas

The document was developed in connection with the accession of Russia to the WTO. The law introduces the concept of "unfavorable for agricultural production areas", which recognized the subjects of the Russian Federation, which as a result of climatic conditions, soil conditions, as well as socio-economic factors, the level of income of agricultural producers is lower than the average for agriculture.

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