Russia has successfully tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile

June 6 Defense conducted a successful test of a prototype of a new intercontinental ballistic missile from the "Kapustin Yar," the official said of the press service of the Ministry of Information and Strategic Rocket Forces (Strategic Rocket Forces).

"Sixth June 2013 at 21.45 Moscow time combat crew Strategic Missile Forces with State Central Multipurpose" Kapustin Yar "in Astrakhan region conducted a successful test launch of a prototype of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) c mobile launcher", — said in a statement transmitsRIA "Novosti".

Start a qualified success, combat equipment at the specified time has arrived to the landfill "Balkhash" concluded the spokesman. 

Earlier on Thursday received information about the presentation of the sample in Smolensk prospective SAM (anti-missile) "Pine" short range. Complexwas submittedat the conference on the development of air defense forces.

SAM "Pine" is designed to protect the military units and units in all forms of fighting, including on the march, from air attack (IOS) and the exploration potential enemy. " SAM is able to work effectively at any time of the day when visibility is limited by the availability of natural and man-made interference.


Rogozin called new Russian ballistic missile killer missile

"We are closely watching to see how the event will be held the evening before (testing new ICBMs). They were successful, we tested an intercontinental ballistic missile, which I call the "killer missile defense" — Rogozin said at a lecture in the framework of the project "Citizens 'University', reportsRIA "Novosti".

"Neither the current nor prospective U.S. missile defenses will not be able to keep the missile from being able to get exactly the bull's-eye," — said Deputy Prime Minister.

He stressed that Russia will continue to build up power, "which will allow us to provide for himself the absolute freedom of action in cases where our country will be subjected to aggression."

"The Russian Federation, with the formation of the state armaments program will lay the parameters such weapons and military equipment that will be associated with only a reflection of the threat of the sixth-generation warfare (with the use of precision-guided weapons)," — said Rogozin.

He added that Russia will develop appropriate systems and methods for aerospace defense that will thwart any missile defense system and help maintain balance in the world.

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