Russia showed the golden textile for body armor

The Russian company "Kamenskvolokno" (Rostov region), engaged in the production of chemical fibers for various purposes, shown at the exhibition Milipol-2011 in Paris, a new aramid fiber AuTx, or "golden textiles."


The new fiber can be used for the production of body armor and other personal protective equipment, which will be much easier to bullet-proof vests and helmets, made from other fibers.

AuTx fiber was developed by a Russian company in conjunction with the British Alchemie Technologies. The basis of the material, according to "Kamenskvolokno" is "heterocyclic copolymer aramid fiber family." The "dynamic strength AuTx twice compared with other such fibers and filaments." According to preliminary data, body armor, made of "golden textile" weigh half as similar remedies made using materials para-aramid (Kevlar).

According to the deputy technical director "Kamenskvolokno" Galina Sklyarov, at present, the body armor made from AuTx, special units are tested in the United States and Britain in Afghanistan. Interested whether the Russian military or intelligence services in the testing and buying a new ballistic material is not specified.

Currently, the most common material for the manufacture of helmets, body armor and other personal protective equipment is Kevlar. It is used in the manufacture of armor since the early 1970s. Kevlar is five times stronger than steel, but it is quite elastic so that is also used for the reinforcement of tires and wire manufacturing socks and prostheses. The disadvantage of the material is that its strength decreases significantly when wet or exposed to sunlight, so they cover the body armor with a cleaning cloth.

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