Satellite payphone for Capital of the World


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It does not say "I’m going to Vorkuta," and "I’m going to Vorkuta," that is, as it is not in the city, and on the island. After all, except on the winter road, getting there by car is impossible.

What can we say about the construction of 150 km of Vorkuta?
You understand that blizzard (with the accent on y), the Bears, the annual average temperature of minus 5.3, and six men around the gas pipe. Telephone the men — no. In an emergency, had to travel for 100 km to the point where catching mobile.

People do, so to speak softly, bored. And, almost on a dog sled, we were taken to a small yellow piece of paper with a request for help.

And then, in mid-January in one of the cabins appeared satellite payphone. The first batch of cards Nekstell dial was sold for half the day. Second — this week. By snowstorm, adventure, cards recently delivered another 200,000, and it is not enough. Imagine yourself in a day to 1,440 minutes, and calls — more than a thousand minutes per day. There was a second payphone, and still people are in the queue.

SP "Lazarishin Vyacheslav Vladimirovich," spreading the cards on the object through its own store, have never seen such a rush. People take them to several thousand. For a month, only on the cards, he earned more than 30,000. On further his plans to spread so far, but they are ambitious and, most importantly, doable.


Each vorkutinets since childhood knows that Vorkuta — "Capital of the World". Maybe
that’s why the game Red Alert 3 begins with an attack on Vorkuta.

But now our Vorkuta. Together with the surrounding area. The men will attest.

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