Saturn has created a dual-fuel turbine engine marine applications.

  • GTE E70/8RD.  Photo
  • GTE E70/8RD. Photo

Scientific and Production Association / NGO / "Saturn" has created not produced in Russia before dual-fuel turbine engine / CCD / E70/8RD marine applications. Opened today at the International Exhibition "Oil and Gas — 2013" about this new corr. Itar-Tass said the deputy managing director of the "Saturn" Paul Fetisov.

"GTE E70/8RD allows you to automatically move without loss of power to the oil / diesel / fuel to gas and vice versa — said Fetisov. — After the collapse of the Soviet Union, these high-tech products are not produced in Russia.

Upon completion of the research and development work assigned motor Letter O1. This means that it is ready for mass production, which is organized at the "Saturn" in Rybinsk.

For its high specification engine is unique to the world. "

According to Fetisov, this universal motor can be used as part of the "main power plants icebreakers, cargo ships, gas carriers and oil and gas facilities in the country."

"At 100 percent of CCD used in the universal domestic components and assemblies, so a potential customer can be a Defense Ministry"- Said the representative of" Saturn ".

In the civilian sector of the economy may be new businesses of Gazprom and Rosneft. "Negotiations on this matter is already under way," — said Fetisov.

In turn, General Designer of "Saturn" Yuri Shmotin told Trend. ITAR-TASS that this innovative design features the "unified perspective gasifier engine meets the requirements of the 5th generation."

"In particular, the emission characteristics of the combustion chamber improved by 30 percent at its base can be created promising gas generator for a new family of engines for aircraft and industrial applications," — said Shmotin.

Moscow, June 25. Corr. ITAR-TASS Evgeny Nikitin.

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