Scientists have launched in Irkutsk production of bread, detoxifying

Scientists at Irkutsk State Technical University (Irkutsk Technical University) started the production of bread with Icelandic moss, which is able to rid the body of a man radionuclides, toxic elements, pesticides and antibiotics, according to university on Tuesday.

Besides the addition of bread at a bakery Iceland Moss plans to bake a loaf of pine nut oil cake. During one shift a new bakery can produce 600 loaves. It is planned to organize the work in two shifts. The cost of a baked product is about 40 rubles, which is about 30% above normal bread in Irkutsk.

At the project was sent to 500 thousand rubles. Acquired a special furnace, the lab installed crushing, drying and packaging plant. 

A method for producing a powder Iceland Moss is a discovery scientists Department of Organic Chemistry and Food Technology IrGTU. The author of the project are a doctoral student in organic chemistry and food technology Svetlana Vershinin and graduate Irkutsk Technical University Olga Kravchenko. They studied the beneficial properties of the Icelandic moss that grows in the Irkutsk region. Introduction to the recipe of bread powder Icelandic moss gives the product a dietary properties. This powder is pectin, so necessary to the human body in adverse environmental conditions. Polysaccharides and pectin, which are found only in plants excrete radionuclides, toxic elements, pesticides and antibiotics ", — the report says. Directly project is a small company created by the university, and the local entrepreneur." Equipment for bread-installed and tested " — said the university.

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