Siberian doctors saved the boy with a rare hereditary disease


Sasha came from Chulyma. It looks — well-fed baby village. And do not think that is sick. Sasha Protchenko, a patient at Children‘s Hospital emergency room number 3: "Gums, teeth hurt themselves falling out, or I’ll snatch them."

Health problems Sasha started 2 years ago. Could not chew, spoke with difficulty. This disease is called cherubism. From the word "cherub" — an angel. Because of the angelic expression. However, the disease is far from angelic and is extremely rare. Affects bone tumor. So much so that in place of hard tissues are formed holes and voids.

Operation in this case zhiznennoneobhodima. And it was important to not only remove the tumor, but also to "return" to the patient face shape. Surgeons worked almost 3:00. Shattered bones doctors filled with artificial material. Michael Kolybelkin, head of the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Children’s Hospital emergency room number 3: "On the part of oral surgery performed without incisions. And then a special synthetic material cavities were filled."

Sasha is feeling better today. Artificial bone is well accustomed. Swelling goes away. On a pity boy — vacation, and he in a hospital bed. Reads a fable. She is happy that the doctors promise to write soon. However, to run and play until you can not. Will have to be angelic patience.


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