Silica sand mining on Kormilovsky field (Omsk region).

In Kormilovsky near Omsk region started commercial production of quartz glass sand. In the future, the Company "Quartz Group" intends to build a factory for the production of different types of sand.

The company "Quartz Group" to develop this field for about two years and has invested in exploration and equipment of approximately 50 million rubles of its own funds. On the quality of Kormilovsky sand is not only suitable for the production of container glass, but also for use in other industries — construction and electronics. For the method of hydraulic mining of raw materials, which is the legal owner of the enterprise itself. 
— Production is made from a depth of 210 meters. At this point it is necessary to prove and defend the supply of quartz sand in this field, — The general director Ltd. "Quartz-Group" Oleg Nitsevych. —The expected volume of the stock is 12.5 million tonnes per square kilometer. After that we can talk about large-scale construction of factories for the production of sand.
Land area mined deposit of 35 thousand square meters. meters and is estimated at 700 million cubic meters. meters sand. This area is one of the largest in Russia. As for the mining and processing plant (GOK), the experts are going to build it in two stages. Each plant will have an output capacity of 300 thousand tons per year. Total plant will produce 600 tons of quartz sand a year. Omsk quartz sand will cost almost twice cheaper than imported, due to the lack of transport costs.
According to Oleg Nitsevych in the development and trial production of silica sand has invested about 50 million rubles. In total, the project will require about 300 million rubles of investments and about 150 million rubles of its own funds.


At present there is a fence and processing of sand with only one hole. It is installed at the edge of the field. Now, LLC "Quartz-Group", which has engaged in commercial production of quartz sand, prepares documents for clearance of land for construction of mining and processing plant (GOK). You will then begin drafting of the factory itself. All this is expected to be completed by the end of the year. In parallel, the company’s specialists will be required to protect the very field that it has received state registration.
— Total Kormilovsky deposit will be set ten clean wells. The well is now not working at full capacity, with 15 cubic meters of sand per hour, — Said General Director of LLC "Quartz Group" Oleg Nitsevych. — In fact, this works well in order to protect the deposit.
Omsk quartz sand are already interested in Omsk glass factory and Kalachinsky area. Now they buy sand in the Urals, and this affects the final cost of sand.

— Sand the Urals is from 600 to 2000 rubles per ton. Add to this the cost of transportation, but it is more expensive than the sand. It turns out that we have to pay from 1200 to 4000 rubles per ton, — Said the correspondent of IA "Your Omsk" chief engineer "Omsk Glassworks" Ivan Ivanov. — Every month we consume about five thousand tons of raw materials. Soon increase the consumption of up to 10-12 thousand tons. That count. Besides Omsk sand quality is better for our production.
In Kalachinsky District quartz sand is used for filtering the water purification system. It requires 23 tons. And it changes every two years. Running Omsk wells would be significantly lowered the costs of water treatment area.

Note that the presentation by representatives of AGC Glass Europe took the test sand of different brands.

— We will send this sand in our laboratory and find out how much it is suitable for our production, — Our correspondent said a leading expert of the procurement, Irina Borisova. — Generally it is a unique field. There are very large amounts of sand. Just what we have been looking for.

Mine will produce three types of glass sand and filtered four varieties. It is estimated that one square kilometer of deposits account for 12.5 tons of sand 

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