Simulators for training crews PGRK Topol-M and Yars commissioned

In the Strategic Missile Forces / SRF / in 2011 put into operation more than 50 simulators for training crews road-mobile missile systems / PGRK / "Topol-M" and "Yars", the official said the Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Vadim Koval.


Fitness equipment deployed in the Teykovskogo missile formation stationed in the Ivanovo region.

Koval gave the example of a new school building missile regiment armed PGRK "Topol-M". The housing built about 30 different simulators for training of all professionals duty forces missile regiment. "In addition, during the year in another missile regiment Teykovskogo rocket connections established with more than 20 types of simulators training base for training on combat duty on the latest PGRK 5th generation" yars ", — The representative of the Strategic Missile Forces.

According to Koval, "This year SRF together with industry is actively working to establish training facilities for advanced missile systems both ground-and silo-based". As part of the development work is planned to create more than 55 samples of promising training facilities for the training command, control, communications, various technical specialties of these complexes. Also this year, the Strategic Missile Forces held in conjunction with the Department of Defense to ensure the defense procurement work on the formation serial supplies to troops training facilities in 2012.

Now Teykovskogo missile formation two regiments of combat duty on PGRK "Topol-M" and one regiment — on PGRK "yars". According to the plans of the Ministry of Defense, by the end of the year in this organization on combat duty will be about 30 mobile launchers, "Topol-M" and "Yars".

Currently in service with the Strategic Missile Forces are seven types of missile complexes of the 4th and 5th generations. Of these, 4 — silo-based and three — mobile home soil. Silo-based missile systems on the number of launchers, up 45 percent. Strategic Missile strike group, and the number of combat units — nearly 85 percent. its nuclear capability.

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