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MOSCOW teacher who was fired for reading the notation of "non-Russians" The Apprentice, has seized PAYMENT AND RETURN TO WORK

In Moscow was resolved, at least formally, the conflict with inter-ethnic tinge that erupted in one of the schools where two teachers were fired for calling for "non-Russian" disciples abide by Russian law. Literature teacher school number 847 Shamaeva Svetlana and her fellow historian Marina Stupich lost their jobs for "immoral behavior" and "for the physical and moral pressure on students."

But on Tuesday Timirjazevskijj court found their dismissal illegal and ordered both to restore the position. The court also ordered the school to pay teachers moral compensation (30 thousand rubles each) and paid for all the time, from the time of dismissal in March of this year. Thus, Marina Stupich receive about 200,000 rubles, and Svetlana Shamaeva — about 250 thousand rubles.


The conflict began with a tragedy. Feb. 27 at the metro station "Tepliy" unknown killed one of the students — 16-year-old Islam Abdulganiev. Then one of his friends — 15-year-old Edward Danielian — organized a fundraiser in favor of the parents of the deceased, as well as almost all the students ordered to the funeral to come to school dressed in black. In this case, the guy accused of murder, "Russian."

Literature teacher Marina Stupich learned from the students that the students of various nationalities began to take classes with knives. Then the teacher decided to intervene and explain to visitors that in Russia they have to live under local laws. In this case, a woman shared with the younger generation personal memories, telling about the assistance provided by the representatives of the neighboring Russian republics, and about the harassment, they faced later, during the collapse of the Union, when they were "raped" and "persecuted".

"I believe that the land, which conquered my relatives and thousands of the same simple Russian soldiers … and I have the right to dictate their own terms here! And you are not given here to set their own rules!" — Shamaeva said.

Another quote: "When you go in the transport … and each in his own language — tetetetete. Are you in a country where the official language Russian, you are obliged to speak in Russian. This is also a denial of our rights. Why do you think that the infringement of Russian — is absolutely normal, why do you think that you are here you can behave as you would yourself in their villages did not lead? ".

One of the students recorded the speech teacher on tape and showed her mother — a citizen of Azerbaijan, who came to Russia in 1999. This, in turn, went to the director of the school and demanded to dismiss Shamayev.

The next day, after a visit to her that Svetlana Shamaeva was fired. Her colleague Marina Stupich followed her for the fact that during the monologue, the teacher came into the classroom and to support its position.

"In the mountains gentlemen, in the mountains"

After the publication of incident reports in the media, the conflict spilled over into the blogosphere. Many of the people in this sided with teachers.

"I think a reasonable step to take away from such a school documents that no Rajab conditions are not dictated, and loyalty to them here only bother ourselves we ALREADY guests feel their diaspora in the mountains and gentlemen, to the mountains," — wrote one of the sites some Wick . "It is becoming scary to send the child to a school, where are also watching the Department of Education?" — Supported her other wearer.

"The Department of Education upheld the dismissal of teachers. Word of the trial … and public opinion. If you could, if not all, though half the Russian took the documents to their children out of school, where conditions dictate the diaspora, the issue of reinstatement Stupich and decided Shamaeva would instantly ", — said Russian wearer with anybody. It also refers to the headmistress of the school, "Ms. Zhdanenko, you really have not been" in the stream. "Why does your school non-Russians are in a privileged position? Extort money from students dictate dresskod, threatening an" intervention diaspora? "

"The time will come, and kids from the Diaspora will cut the entire administration as sheep, and for them it’s not what will!" — Wrote a Sergei. "Teachers fellows, said all right. And that they are punished — not their fault. Blame Putin’s" stability. "That he had made in Russia, and Moscow-passing yard trash and threw some of the diaspora. Come all who are not lazy, make out citizenship. Soon Russian already be in the minority, and it is unfortunately not a joke. happen at school — an inevitable consequence of the policy-through the yard. A response director shows how the process has already started, "- says another commentator who signed just Andrew.

Users of social network "VKontakte" too inclined to believe that the "swing right and set churbanskie orders" better at home, not at a party. "" It’s in Russia now new Babaiki?? () … terrible, I revolted to the limit, what’s going on at home "- they write on the page of" Russian digest. "" All right teacher said, and the parents of normal children could more active and stand up for the teacher, if they want that would not diaspora churbanskie orders established in the school, "- said in another comment.

The more radical members recommend "drive provocateurs", "try and deport" and teachers "to promote and give the award." Some also point out that in recent years have increasingly become aware of such conflicts. "The act of the principal, Ms. Zhdanenko at the first whistle to lay off two teachers with blacklisted already becoming a trend," — commented IA REX political scientist and historian Lev Vershinin.

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