Sky News: Russia will not deceive ourselves twice

The British draft resolution submitted to the UN Security Council, has caused an absolute disapproval of its permanent members — Russia and China, which have veto power. In addition, Russia and Iran warned sternly condemn any use of chemical weapons and will resist any outside military intervention in the Syrian conflict.


After the meeting of the UN Security Council the United States issued a statement in which it criticized Russia for its stubborn resistance. Sky News correspondent Katie Stallard — the latest news from Moscow. Kate Stallard, a correspondent for Sky News:Russia does not agree with the premise of the resolution. British Prime Minister calls for action against the Assad regime is guilty of this chemical attack, but Russia does not believe that there is any evidence that the responsibility for the attack lies with the Assad regime. Russia believes that it is the work of the opposition. In any case, the Russian deputy foreign minister said yesterday that discuss a reaction of the UN Security Council is premature until the UN inspectors are investigating the incident on the spot. But even if you do not concentrate on this fact, if quell disbelief and imagine that Russia had agreed that the Assad regime is guilty of himatake, the main problem remains — and that is Libya. More precisely, the memory of what happened after the 2011 UN Security Council adopted a resolution on Libya. Then was president Dmitry Medvedev and Russia abstained from voting. That resolution has been formulated in a similar way and approve all necessary measures to protect civilians in Libya. Russia believes that the time has been deceived, and that is what happened in Libya, it was not just the protection of civilians and military intervention for regime change. It is not known how much is deposited in the memory of the Russian government. However, given all of these reasons, it is safe to assume that now that the president is Vladimir Putin, Russia and beyond will not deviate from the course — most likely it will continue to veto the resolution. Air date August 28, 2013.

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