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Oleg Vereshchagin

Marvelous, brothers, cases prosecutors.

They will trace in folk embroidery Nazi symbols. That alienated some of the prosecutors is that the people giggle, "And you, in blue uniforms …" Then announce the promotion of nationalism … Pushkin’s poems. Then be charged with the whole city of xenophobia. In general, does not know she got tired in the zeal of the affairs of the people. Is that wolves and foxes — as in the Middle Ages — not yet officially judged.

But the focus of the prosecutor’s office last steep as Mount Ararat. Even for her, my homeland. [Cut]


Prosecutors Top-Isetsky district of Yekaterinburg has banned local schools to attract students to clean the classes and corridors of educational institutions, as well as get them to wash the blackboard. This is stated in a published on the website of the Sverdlovsk region prosecutor’s office reported.

Such requirements are contained in a number of school acts on complaints that came to the prosecutor’s office. Also irrelevant to the law recognized the punishment of schoolchildren performing work tasks and dismissal from employment. Total prosecutor’s office received 21 treatment, which contained complaints of such rules in the schools of Yekaterinburg.

The report notes that all acts at the request of the prosecutor were brought into line with the law or canceled.

The director of a school in which the rules of the illegal act, Tatiana Belova said the agency "Interfax" that the acts were outdated and have not been applied in practice. "Of course, we have not engage children in socially useful work without the consent of their parents," — she said.

To attract children to clean the school legally required written parental consent and the consent of individual pupils, the agency said.


Prosecutor’s Office of the Upper Iset district of Yekaterinburg in the surveillance of the observance of the Minors in 2009 brought 21 to protest the illegal legal acts that infringe upon the rights of students of various educational institutions and their parents.

So, brought protests in House rules and rules of student conduct of some educational institutions, where in spite of the existing legislative ban on the involvement of students in the program are not provided for educational work, the disciples of the on-duty imposes the obligation to prepare a chalkboard, cleaning class after class, check the sanitary condition classes, garbage collection in the hallway, etc. As the penalties applied to the erring students are not provided for by law conditional expulsion, suspension from school for up to 1 week, performing work assignments.

Ah thank you! I did not know that his childhood spent in slavery — general cleaning, watch the classes … We are fools, and even rejoiced: "We, today abbreviated lessons!"

Enlightened. Bow down to the ground.

I remember in the old Soviet days and expulsion from school provided. And there were. And there were a good idea!

Oh well about the past. Let us return to the present.

How many were yelling: school — a second home! How many eyes pricked teachers: why children do not get carried away! How, I ask you?

And now it turns out to involve a child to clean his second home — an administrative offense.

Interestingly, in his — in the first house — the children, too, shitting and dignity go out for a walk? Although … I think that in many families deal indeed the case (in the second part of the article will talk in detail that threatens to parents who dared to make a kid put a bucket of garbage!) …

Prosecutor stands out! Not to slip!

…But where have you been for the prosecutor’s office, when the crowd of children, breathing lead and carbon dioxide, risking to be run over or be beaten, "roof", rushed between the cars, furiously wiping the glass? Where were you when the dashing guest "with suds" plantations provided themselves — who tomatoes who hemp — which worked hard underage Russian slaves? Where was when taken out of Russia — like puppies out of the box — not even secured a minimum of accompanying papers "adopted"? Where — where an amnesty for the Victory Day enfranchise pedophiles, rapists?

Oh yeah. I forgot. All this was done "by mutual consent of the parties."

Well … Ekaterinburzhsky teachers now also collected from parents and children sign the mutual agreement — which, they say, they "would" participate in the tracking of the order to his "second home." And I’m confident that many — many! — Subscribe. Not prosecutors tea. People, brains and a conscience. But … "Who pulls on that and bring down." While Vanya will shorkatsya desk cloth, Sanya — and that had something not bothered to respect the school rules, but at least afraid; shit — make the most correct! — On the other end will be writing desks, grinning, slogan: "But we do on …!" And in its own way is right. What did you do now?

Well, it can, and right. A man who has at least a basic knowledge that such a dirty job, not be forced to be so thoughtless and impetuous potreblyaytsem-spender, which desperately needed power — quickly and massively …

…And who wrote this complaint 21 parents I want to say, fools you fools! It will take a couple of years — a wild howl howl of greed and gluttony, sloth and cruelty of your offspring, "saved from slave labor."


PS: in case of Yekaterinburg — not the first. This has already been practiced for several years in many schools, such as Tatarstan.


Oh, all the more I notice something bad in the air … After "carefully-reformist ‘collapse — the days of Yeltsin never dreamed of! — The army, health, space, education, power briskly and abruptly took up the family. As in the past — a beautiful banner of "child protection". And the aforementioned nonsense from the "school of slavery" — only a piece of the problem gets out … Of the problem, which seems to be trying to solve — but in fact carefully fostered by the state …

…September 3, 1932 in a forest near the village of Gerasimovka were found the bodies of two boys — 14 and 10 years. We boys were ripped stomachs.

In our time — when the murder, disappearance, rape, child trafficking and the whole piece by piece, the betrayal of their interests, robbery children have become a daily reality and practically official policy of the government — the news is unlikely to be flashed even on the main TV channels. But in those days, killing two boys shocked people.

Particularly strong was shocked when it was announced that the boys — 14-year-old chairman of the board of the Pioneer squad Pavel Morozov and his 10-year-old brother Fyodor — kill their own relatives. Close relatives. He was killed in revenge for his father, who gave Pavlik …

…The funny thing is that the true story is known that for a long time and everything.

There was the usual village. Siberian. There was a boy who came to the pioneers. His father was a bastard.

No, he was not a bastard because I was drinking in the smoke and walked over to the side, bringing his wife to the nervous attacks. Not even because it beat his wife and children — that beat, beaten by drunken bench, not punished, not "taught." Not even because the eldest son began to beat more and fiercer when he learned that he was a pioneer, and even the chairman of the council. Renounce all those "little things".

The bright image of Trofim Morozov, who suffered from fanatic-son, a few other facts spoil.

First, denounced his wife. Insanity brought the woman to her husband’s infidelity and his beatings (most of all, he just wanted to "slowly" to score a wife to drag in bed on a regular basis and no one is afraid of any moloduhu). A material for the accusation was not anti-Soviet activity drunken cattle. Neeee people … Anti-Soviet Troshka not sinned. Fraught. Dangerous. He just ripped off "the victims of Stalin’s" special settlers — speculating in food, robbed the people deported to Siberia last. Note, not evil Soviet power did it, and the "strong host" Troshka Morozov. That put him in charge. For this he received seems to five years.

His son Paul, in response to a question security officer — "to blame the father?" … he said nothing.

Yes, yes. Imagine — he said nothing. This is recorded in the documents. And even on the official court only a nod that showed a mother driven to despair.

Apparently — could not say anything. Physically could not, though, see the gods, such a father would have cost to bury his own, I say it and I confirm …

…Then there was not a very clever campaign to glorify Pavlik as a man in conflict with family ties for the triumph of Our Ideas on Their idea (what there the idea of a speculator, drunk and sadistic Troshka?) Really is not very smart. For two reasons. First — it cost the lives of two boys, as Trofim relatives (especially his grandfather, has repeatedly threatened to kill Pavlik for a "red herring" — tie), and do believe that was a drunkard and womanizer "postradaltsem the Bolsheviks for the Faith, Tsar and Fatherland. " And revenge. Not authorities — the two boys, who were attacked from behind the bushes, suddenly. As cowards …

Secondly — disappeared when the revolutionary excitement, Pavlik‘s name gradually became synonymous made minor traitor. It was in the 70 years of the twentieth century!

Although, again, the real story is simple, as dressmaker scissors, half-witted bastards that killed two boys. And politicians in it no more than a desire to oligarchs to plunder the country.


But what is interesting. It has long been available for all the facts about the life and death of Pavlik. But the Democrats — especially from science and education — scatter my saliva, still continue to hold all four limbs … for the old, "Bolshevik" version of the case. As if they were still all the polls are as of the CPSU and of deviation from the path of righteousness will be deprived of their spetspayki. And you go moaning howl about how Soviet power to drive a wedge into the family, crippled children’s souls and corrupting young minds needful to their satanic ideas.

In general, it is clear and simple. Wow zasrat people brains about the fact that: "Do you think that bad now? But look how then?" That’s only in his usual blunt svinorylosti demokratoidy, shaking his left hand theme "Pavlik traitor!" Do not see what their left hand is doing … As for people who think and who can keep track of events, this is a Homeric laughter.

Of course, not all are able to think. And this is the greatest victory of democracy. But I’m with these people and do not say. And to know how to — spread below in red font anketku. These past few years anketki adore distribute to children in Russian (and, as it turned out — not!) Schools, and it is considered a good democratic voice, as in the west (with prayerful aspiration) is now questioning — a common practice.

Spread uncut and comments — entirely.


Dear friend!

School Volunteer Department for Child Protection is conducting a study, "Am I protected?" on the observance of the rights of children from abuse and neglect in the family to determine how to recognize the problem of youth violence, whether often have to deal with this phenomenon.

1.Yes, please define the word "violence"

Violence — is

2. Do you think there is a problem of domestic violence?



3.zatrudnyayus reply

4.is not thought about it

5.svoy answer

3. What forms of domestic violence most often occur? (No more than 3 replies)







4.Kak relationship you have with your parents?

1. "My parents — my friends"

2.good relations

3. "Parents are far from me

4.I them indifferent


6. "Could be better"

7.oskorblyayut words, scream, make you feel bad person


9. "Power" (slaps, beatings by parents)

10.svoy answer

5.Ukazhi what parenting techniques are usually used your family against you (no more than 3 answers}

1.obyasnyayut how to act in a given situation

2.hvalyat you when you deserve it

3.obeschayut reward for good deeds

4.is not notice you, stop talking to you

5.zapreschayut you do what you love

6.rugayut, shouting, name-calling

7.primenyayut physical methods of influence

8.svoy answer

6.Ispytyval. Pi you yourself are ill-treatment in relation to his family?



3.zatrudnyayus reply


7.Ukazhi, please kinds of violence that are experienced in their family and continue to be tested (no more than 3 replies)

1.psihologicheskoe violence (manipulation of the charges, the formation of a sense of guilt, etc.)

2.emotsionalnoe (criticism of appearance, manners, intelligence, insults, swearing)

3.ekonomichesky control, the threat of deprivation of financial support

4.fizicheskoe (slapping, pushing, beating, humiliation)

5.seksualnoe violence (coercion)

6.ekspluatatsiya (forced to work, take money)


8.prepyatstvie in choosing friends and meet with them

9.svoy answer

8. Observe who often exhibit cruelty toward you



3.brat or sister

4.Other answer

9.Like do you feel about the various forms of violence that manifests itself in relation to you in your family? (No more than 3 replies)



3.perezhivayu, but do not submit the form

4.oschuschayu offense

5.schitayu violence is sometimes available

6.pytayus to do something to change the situation

7.ubegayu from home

8.dayu surrender

9.svoy answer

10.K whom you prefer to apply in cases of violence experienced in the family?



3.bratu or sister

4.Other answer

Do you 11.Znaesh organizations that might appeal in cases of abuse in relation to you? (Specify them)

12. Did you manage to prevent incidents of abuse in relation to yourself?



3.drugoy answer

13.Predlozhi their solutions to the problem of ill-treatment of children in the family

14. When you become a parent yourself, would you act toward their child from a position of strength (to insult, threaten, mock, use physical measures of exposure)

15.Ukazhi Please provide information about yourself



3rd place of residence (city, town)

4. How many people in your family? (Mark all those who live with you: Dad, Mom. Grandmother, grandfather, stepfather, stepmother, brother, sister)

5. note, for which social category you can include those who educates you: (workers, engineers and technicians, employees, unemployed, businessmen, pensioners,


Please, you are our caring!

No, well, you take a look! ALL accounted for. Each line in the bark. Abnormality comes through in every letter calling on the accusation. I do not even want to — and there was a desire — to disassemble this lachrymal "Point" that was explained to me, since when is criticism appearance soplyuhi or brat — emotional abuse, or how to come together in a kind way with her daughter, who like to drag oneself along at home after midnight drunk — and parents she is brutally denied, and even awarded a pair of flip flops!

Readers of my people are smart. They will see themselves in each line of the malicious face of professional Satanist-stukachka.

But I want to appeal to parents.

Properly educated children are anketki return empty. Properly educated and snide — return with answers such as "the pig is not your business!" (Preferably in capital letters). Properly educated and rude — do not return at all, and then the mortal remains of pieces of paper, denunciations are in school shocks (as the saying such things should be on the emery paper to print — then saved!) But still — PARENTS! Not to let things drift!

Having discovered this masterpiece of your child, or hearing about it — Keep dogs on wee. Go to school. But there, do not cry — you know that almost all the school administration — the disempowered slaves systems. Just ask politely, from where he sent this dirty trick. And — a march there, and only there …

Democrats are pushing their favorite things: privacy, interference, scandal, trial, appeal, lawyers, newspapers. Do not be afraid to scream and beat his fist on the table, "Who put this stuff baby! Do you want children of Pavlik Morozov raise (Pavlik forgive, I assure you.) Can you fucking communist? Maybe you are against the Constitution, which states, that privacy is protected by law? " And so on in the same spirit. Such scandals have a beneficial effect on the psyche of every rank bureaucrats. And do not be lazy to row further and higher — or threaten such a scandal.


Otherwise, your child will grow out of … No, not Pavlik Morozov.

Grow a new clerk’s office "Informer Ltd" …

…And if your son or daughter to wash the floors or the school board — take the time to run a complaint with the prosecutor’s office. You should not act like a fool, joyfully carries around wood for the fire, where it is burned and the reader.

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