Sunken City in Argentina rose out of the water

August 28, 2013. Sunken City in Argentina rose out of the water. In Argentina, is becoming more popular ghost town on the shore of the salt lake. Once it has absorbed a flood. Decades later, the element was stripping the awesome picture.

Once these ruins were famous all over the streets of Argentina to the resort town of Villa-Epekuen. Now he has become a ghost town.

In 1985, the floods, the resort is almost completely disappeared under the water. And since 2000, the elements gradually receded, exposing the fact that now more like the aftermath of the apocalypse.

Natalia, a former resident of Villa Epekuen: "This is really a ghost town, is not it? I was shocked silence and solitude around here. This is, without a doubt — a ghost town. "

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The resort was built in 1921 on the shore of the salt lake Epekuen, which is 600 kilometers from Buenos Aires. The salt concentration in the reservoir is 10 times higher than ocean water, so the lake is considered to be curative. Very often it is compared to the Dead Sea.

The only problem that faced the residents of Villa Epekuena, was a shortage of drinking water. From planning to come out of this situation by building a dam. However, when the work began, the luck of the townspeople turned away. For 10 years, it rained, the water level rose. One day the water broke through the protective barrier and rushed to the city.

People hardly have time to take valuables and flee.

Decades later, when the city began to appear out of the water, all the buildings were covered with a layer of salt.

Today, the Argentine authorities are trying to re-make of this place a tourist attraction. True, a different kind.

And the ghost town Epekuen chosen directors. There is not a single shot a scene for the movie.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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