Sweden is the only coral reef under threat

Sweden is the only coral reef threatened Facts

Danger looming over the only coral reef Saken Swedish fjord near Koster. This reef is created only in nature overlooking coral Lophelia pertusa, able to live in cold water with constant and high salinity. Risk of total loss of the reef is great because the corals die with hundreds of other organisms and completely disrupt the natural harmony of the marine ecosystem.

Until the mid-1920s, Sweden had three similar reef Koster Fjord, but with changing climate conditions and to increased levels of pollution of coastal waters from three locations there was only one, and now her condition is critical. Warming water promotes eutrophication of water, that is, the expansion of the areola habitat and abundance of algae, which are taken from the bottom of the coral. Uncontrolled fishing trawl method also worsens the reef.
For reconstruction staff of the University of Gothenburg took samples of the same coral reefs of Norway. Three years ago, in order to support the recovery of coral reef national park was created Kosterhavet, but significant improvements in the reef has not happened yet. Prevent the revival of the population of coral and its distance from other reefs, where would the new sail and larvae settle on Saken.

Saken reef covers an area of 5000 m2, but live coral on it there are only 300-500 m2. Age coral is several thousand years old. Norwegian corals can be more than a couple of thousand years (it 6200 years or more). Therefore, they have a sort of historical value, began long before the pyramids of Cheops and soon after came the ice of the last ice age.

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