System Rescue light aircraft

The company MVEN "- the first and only one in Russia and the CIS producer of high-speed parachute rescue systems (BSS) designed to save light aircraft with crew and passengers. The firm A more developed ten types of recovery systems for

Rescue systems are designed for vehicles weighing up to 500 kg

Composition BPS
In a typical set of BPS includes the following main components:

-parachute system designed for safe descent and landing, the crew with the aircraft;
-container designed to contain a parachute system;
-fairing for fastening the system in an aircraft, the protection system of the parachute container from mechanical and environmental impacts, providing a predetermined direction of ejection container;
-Throwing a mechanism designed to ensure the release of the container and pull the parachute system;
-gas-generating device designed to produce a pressure release to the firing device;
-drive the firing device, designed to drive the gas-generating device on command pilot;

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