System water Vladivostok — unique in Russia (photo)


Multi-level system of water supply in Vladivostok has no analogues in the Russian Federation. It is promoted as the remoteness of the main sources of water supply, and the relief of the city. 

As the chief engineer of "Primvodokanala" Yuri Gurtyakov, "the main source of water supply — Artyomovskoye Reservoir, located 70 kilometers from Vladivostok. Water enters the city in two directions, along the coasts of the Amur and Ussuri bays, the total length of the pipes — 300 kilometers.

In this way, water is pumped through the pumping station of the first, second, third, fourth, upgrades, and only then enters the distribution networks, the total length of which, by the way, 750 km.

But that’s not all — there is a building in Vladivostok, located at an altitude of 190 meters above sea level, and this work is still 4-5 tiers of pumping stations. In one city of Russia is not so complicated sequence of feeding and raising the water to such a height.

But put a little water to the consumer — then drains should be canalized through the drainage system. And, if earlier, more than 90% of household waste merged into the Amur and Ussuri Bay, is now gradually discharges will be sent to the treatment plant. "

Associate Professor of municipal engineering systems engineering school Palo Boris Leonov said: "Vladivostok water system is quite complicated. The main water sources are located at a considerable distance. In the Vladivostok lot of hills, large differences in elevation. One common pump station does not saturate the city, water supply problems are solved by districts, where are the local pump and clean water tanks, to ensure the reliability of a need for duplication of facilities. It should be noted that the system is quite expensive to maintain. "

The functioning of such a complex system has its own characteristics and the nature of the cost structure. At the very substantial costs for electricity, from which "eats" the whole system of pumping water and sewage rates for water supply and sewerage services in Vladivostok is much lower than in other large cities of the Far East.

Powerful pumps supply water from the NSF ASU (village bayonet) to Vladivostok.

New pumps for NA ‘Sedanka

Weather Station Bogatinskom reservoir.

What to know what is the meaning and the difficulty, it is enough to see some photos of the relief Vladivostok





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