T-Platforms has built a supercomputer MGRS

The company "T-Platforms", international supercomputer developer and supplier of a complete range of solutions and services for high-performance computing, announced the completion of the project to create a high-performance computer system to order the building of Moscow State University (MSSU).

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering University Russian head of construction education. Today MGRS is the focal point in the organization of scientific research university sector construction science with architectural-¬ construction and technical universities in Russia, conducting research in various areas of construction science. Today, the university has more than 30 specialized research laboratories and more than 50 organizational structures perform research and development venture in the design and construction of safe and comfortable buildings, structures and facilities.

Laboratory facilities of the University meets all the requirements of the most modern scientific and educational complex. In research and teaching process is used more than 2300 computers, with the latest technology equipped with 14 multi-functional classrooms. Running high-performance cluster "T-Platforms" will allow the University to bring this work to a new level, by doing evaluating the effectiveness of new supercomputer technologies in the construction sector.

Computing system MGRS includes compute nodes based on traditional processor architecture x86/64, as well as computing nodes based graphics cards NVIDIA TESLA S2050. Application QDR Infiniband interconnect allowed to reach a maximum speed of interprocessor exchange. Compute nodes, air cooling fans and power supplies provide hot-swappable, minimizing downtime in the event of failure of any component thereof.

To store large amounts of information processed in the complex was included storage T-Store ActiveStore and T-Store ™ NAS. These systems are designed by "T-Platforms" on the basis of technology and Panasas NetApp, and recommended, in particular, for use in the scientific supercomputers, and research institutions. Control network that is based on non-blocking switch Force 10 S50 provides continuous switching between all nodes of the calculator and the service server via TCP / IP.

The company "T-Platforms’ project is fully completed" turnkey ", including the creation of an infrastructure complex, ensuring trouble-free round the clock operation supercomputer, as well as automatic alerts and shutdown of the cluster.

"Throughout the world, high-performance computing systems have proven to be indispensable in the design of buildings and architectural structures. The activities of the data center will move MGSU experience of using such systems for the domestic construction industry, enriching it with the results of the research of Russian scientists — said Vsevolod Opanasenko, CEO of the "T-Platforms." — And this in turn will help reduce the cost of new housing, improve the terms of its use and comfort that will surely be appreciated by both residents of large cities, and the Russian heartland. "

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