Technoserv presented a modular data center IT Crew

The company "Technoserv", the Russian system integrator, has introduced its own development — a modular data center "IT crew." The development provides a new direction in the activities of "Technoserv" — IT solutions highly available, the company said.

In general, a modular data center "IT Crew" is a complete solution based on readily constructed structures with preset at the factory engineering systems and the possibility of unlimited scalability. DPC is going out of standard components — modules, each of which is an independent structural unit and consists of a couple of blocks of the same type: server unit, designed for installation of computer equipment, and engineering unit to ensure the smooth operation of the active equipment server unit, told the company.

Calculations carried out by specialists of "Technoserv" for its customers, show that if the building is leased under a data center or purchased, the units of the modular data center solutions, "IT Crew" will be 1.5-2 times cheaper. If a customer has its own building, which does not need to do strengthening ceilings, renovated, other construction work, the cost is comparable.

 The server unit may include 5 to 17 racks to accommodate the active equipment with total capacity up to 170 kW of payload. Engineering unit is designed to ensure viability of a server unit. The modular data center is divided into appropriate compartments and comes with all the necessary specialized systems, including security of energy supply, the maintenance of temperature and humidity, automatic control computing systems, and fire protection systems, remote control, monitoring and surveillance. Engineering systems are designed for continuous operation around the clock modular data center, they are pre-installed, established and tested. The solution is designed in accordance with the level of reserve engineering systems not below TIER-3 according to the Uptime Institute. When using the setup operation of all systems of the modular data center requires a minimum participation of staff.

According to "Technoserv", the server and the engineering units can be placed either horizontally or following each other, and vertically in two tiers with the placement of engineering equipment on the lower tier structure, which is convenient for the separation of the right of access to the object and system engineering staff and savings held space in urban areas.

Scaling data center is done by adding a new pair of blocks. This enables docking server blocks the creation of a single technological facilities for the installation of active equipment, as well as docking engineering units for the formation of a single engineering platform. Modular data centers of several pairs of blocks can be supplemented with storage, administrative and matching blocks.

Compared with the stationary modular data center solution "IT Crew" is mobile, which is due to the simplicity of transportation of individual standardized components and lower demands on the quality of the site for placement. Also, to create such a data center requires minimal coordination procedures, with a small initial investment in the preservation of their relocation or building IT infrastructure and the short duration of the project — from 20 to 26 weeks, while the steady creation of a data center on an individual project takes an average of not less than 1.5 — 2 years.

According to the developers, "IT Crew" is ideal for the need for rapid deployment of IT infrastructure or her regular redeployment, while creating an IT infrastructure at the remote site (oil, gas production, telecommunications companies), while gradually increasing the capacity or redundancy of data centers with fixed territorial diversity sites. The flexible architecture provides the ability to replace or upgrade components of engineering infrastructure.

Among the potential customers of modular data centers — as a large business with an extensive branch network and IT platforms in the field (telecom operators, banks, insurance and transport companies, industrial, mining and processing enterprises), and some small companies, medical institutions, research institutes, universities, which need their own IT infrastructure for the right price.

"A great experience" Technoserv "in the design and implementation of systems engineering" turnkey "deep technical competence of professionals and strategic partnerships with equipment manufacturers allowed to develop optimal variant and complex systems in general. Optimization has become possible thanks to the emergence of a new, more compact engineering equipment, as well as new planning ideas, allowing more freedom to make the installation and maintenance of server and engineering equipment, — Said Sergey Korneev, chairman of the advisory council "Technoserv." — Go toImage Quality design was provided by the presence of their own test facilities and technical, production and service centers, and the convenience and high performance data center "IT Crew" has been confirmed by several successful projects for large companies. "

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