«Tele2 Russia for 2 months has built more than 200 new base stations

The mobile operator Tele2 announced work on the development of the network, carried out in September — October 2011

 Photo source:tele2life.ru

Tele2 continues to expand coverage and improve the quality of communication in all regions of presence in Russia. During September and October 2011 «Tele2 Russia" has built more than 200 new base stations and additionally secured bond of 300 settlements.

Was increased network capacity in the Krasnodar Territory. Launched additional base stations in Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Armavir and Kropotkin.

In the Omsk region built facilities network infrastructure in the territories Tarski Novovarshavskaya, Azov and Pavlogradsky areas. More than 9 million residents of rural areas can now use communication Tele2.

In September — October has been improved quality and increased coverage in 11 districts of the Rostov region. Mobile phone signal Tele2 has appeared in 17 localities of the Novosibirsk region. In the Tver region improved coverage of the federal trunk road M-9.

Technical service Tele2 conducted large-scale work to expand the coverage and improve the quality of communication in Glazov, Vavozh and Debesskom areas of the Udmurt Republic. Network signal appeared in the settlements Vodzimone, Zyambaygurt, Kakmozh, Kvashur, Big Mojga Vavozh area and Parzen, Chebershur, Yagoshur Glazov area.

New facilities have allowed the network infrastructure to improve the quality of communication and expand the coverage area in the Leningrad region. The base stations have been built in Vyborg, Lodejnopolsky, Priozersky, Tikhvin, Volosovsky, Luga, Lomonosov districts.

Also, due to the active work to increase the coverage area, more than 15 thousand people in remote rural areas of the Republic of Komi can take advantage of mobile communication Tele2.

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