The blue successfully hit a training target on the Kamchatka Peninsula

On Tuesday, with the Northern Fleet submarine "Yekaterinburg" was successfully launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, "The blue".

"Blue," was launched from the Barents Sea and hit a training target for the Kura test site in Kamchatka. "Start produced from a submerged position on the plan verify the reliability of the naval strategic nuclear forces. Missile warheads arrived to the site at the scheduled time, "- said the representative of the military.

The crew of the submarine when the combat training tasks showed great professionalism and training, highlighted by the Ministry of Defense.

RSM-54 "The blue» (SS-N-23 Skiff by NATO classification) was put into service in July 2007. This three-stage liquid ballistic missile submarines of the third generation is used to launch the D-9RMU2, which are equipped with the strategic submarine cruisers of Project 667 (BDRM) "Dolphin". Flight distance "Blue," — more than 10,000 kilometers.

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