The British were impressed project polar miracle of Umka which will help Russia to win the Arctic

Russia in the escalating international battle for oil-and gas-rich Arctic has spared neither fancy nor money: British press was surprised writes about the unique project kriptoklimaticheskogo miracle of the ice for the military, secret service agents and scientists. Its estimated cost — £ 4 billion ($ 6.4 billion), the proposed location — Boiler island of the archipelago of the New Siberian Islands in the Arctic Ocean. It is about 1.5 thousand kilometers from the North Pole, writes The Daily Mail.

City project, dubbed "Umka"- On behalf of the polar bear cub from a popular Soviet animated film, was presented at the September International Arctic Forum in Arkhangelsk, organized by the Russian Geographical Society. On it, among others spoke Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who confirmed the ambitious plans of conquering the Arctic.


The author of the project — Honored Architect of Russia Valery é. According to his idea, the city will be a bit of a cocoon of luxury: a huge dome that can protect against external low temperatures, is host to home, science labs, parks and attractions, a water park, hotels and a church. There will also be schools, kindergartens, recreation, hospital and sports facilities.


The city will be provided with a special climate-controlled system, which will create the use of space and other advanced technologies. On the whole city will be somewhat like a space station, but it will be incomparably more comfortable and more by area: 1.5 kilometers long and 800 meters wide.

Electricity will produce floating nuclear power station. Food does not have to deliver to the mainland: on a plan, a city farm for the breeding of fish and poultry, greenhouses and grain mills will be fully self-supporting. And all kinds of waste will be processed at the two plants.

"People who live and work in this city, do not have to feel like in a confined space with an aggressive Arctic environment around" — explains é. On the contrary, the conditions in which these people will prove to be the envy of even the inhabitants of the most comfortable cities, the authors hope the project.

According to the architect, designed the city which in principle can exist on any surface, if necessary, even on the moon. He has already been considered as a strategically important outpost of the Russian north, although the exact timing of the construction so far, the newspaper said.

British journalists write that Russia irritate their active actions in this direction other applicant countries to the Arctic shelf, above all, the United States, Canada and Norway. Russia has clearly indicated its interest in the development of this territory the expedition in August 2007, the polar explorer Artur Chilingarov to the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. The researchers then set up on the bottom of the ocean titanium capsule with the Russian flag than provoked an international scandal.

Total access to the riches of the region’s claim to more than 20 countries. Experts estimate that the Arctic contains about a quarter of all offshore hydrocarbon reserves in the world. It is believed that there is concentrated to 30% of the undeveloped gas and 13% oil fields, as well as deposits of gold, silver, coal and ore.

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