The company introduced Omnicomm ASCATEL — the world’s first open telematics platform

Company  Omnicomm founded in 1998, develops and manufactures systems for satellite vehicle tracking Omnicomm based on GLONASS / GPS and fuel level sensors Omnicomm LLS. All manufactured equipment Omnicomm provides a lifetime warranty. The company has its own research center, with three production sites in Russia, Europe and Kazakhstan, as well as its own representative OU VEPAMON, settling down in Estonia.  

ASCATEL (AllforSCAlableTELematics) — new software platform and a set of industry standards, interaction, designed to simplify the development of navigation and telematics software and services.

  • ASCATEL premiere took place at the international exhibition of electronics CEBIT-2012, held in Hannover (Germany) from 6 to 10 March 2012
  • ASCATEL premiere took place at the international exhibition of electronics CEBIT-2012, held in Hannover (Germany) from 6 to 10 March 2012

ASCATEL platform allows developers to easily create generic top-level application, based on the independent transmission infrastructure and storage of navigation data and telematic equipment manufacturers ASCATEL makes it easy to combine the device with the full range developed in the framework of its navigation software.

ASCATEL also includes the business community of developers, which allows not only to exchange knowledge and experience in the development and use of navigation and telematics software, but also started to sell products based on the platform. Built in the business community to the marketing system allows members to use each other’s marketing channels, including affiliate network company itself Omnicomm of 3,000 companies in 75 countries.

ASCATEL important feature is its focus on the use of cloud and SAASservisah, expressed not only in the possibility of widespread use of scalable IT-infrastructure, but also in the business model, providing for the payment by the client actually used resources, which can significantly reduce the cost of ownership, navigation and telematics system.

According to the creators ASCATEL, the platform should dramatically change the Russian and European markets transport telematics, primarily due to growth in the quality and range of navigation and telematics software while reducing its cost. 

As the general director Boris Omnicomm Panko: "The market telematics young and vertically integrated. Developed markets characterized by its specialization. ASCATEL project will allow players to focus on their core competencies and compete simultaneously in the markets of the "iron" and the software. In addition, ASCATEL to open market access to the navigation telematics new developers who can create affordable and customized to the tasks of the end-user application. All this should make the market more developed klitentoorientirovannym, and the quality of navigation and telematic services significantly higher, "- he added.



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