The Comprehensive District textile workers. Social protection.

   Order of the Government of Moscow № 1979-RP of 21 September 2010 set up a public autonomous institution of the City of Moscow "Moscow Research Center for Rehabilitation of the Disabled as a result of cerebral palsy," the Department of Social Protection of the City of Moscow, 08 February 2010. — Received the state registration of the Center.

   The center is located in a 2-storey building with a total area of 1,962.3 square meters residential development in the neighborhood area of textile (SEAD).

In 2010 to 2011. overhauled and created barrier-free space provided equipment.

   With the participation of rehabilitation specialists, psychologists and designers chosen interiors, equipment and color solutions to ensure smooth movement of orientation and limited mobility of citizens, including those with mental disabilities, by division of the Center.

   The center was created in the form of a public autonomous institution and its operation is carried out by subsidies. The founder of the agency is the Department of Social Protection of Population of the city of Moscow.

   With a full load center is designed for 100 visits per day for rehabilitation diagnostics and rehabilitation (50 disabled and 50 family members or attendants) for the duration of rehabilitation courses from 21 to 90 days (depending on the severity of the disease). Rehabilitation period is determined individually by the expert commission of experts, Muscovites services are free. In addition, the center provides free meals served to troops (the disabled).

   The purpose of the Centre — to create an innovative technology that significantly affect the quality of life of Moscow households with persons with severe restrictions (on movement, communication, training, orientation, etc.), regardless of the current illness.

   The main objectives of the Centre are to provide:

1.nepreryvnogo active social monitoring needs of the disabled (regardless of age) living in the city of Moscow, as well as their family members to the management of rehabilitation process and the organization of the system to respond quickly to their needs of these citizens;

2. rehabilitation diagnostics (clinical and instrumental, psychological, speech therapy, social adaptation, professional counseling);

3. available, early, high-quality, continuous, comprehensive and effective rehabilitation of the disabled and their families, based on advanced domestic and foreign technologies.

   The Centre provides services to people with disabilities over the age of 3 years old, living in the city of Moscow, as well as their families.

   The Center has the following divisions — department of social monitoring, rehabilitation, diagnostics, conductive pedagogy (children and adults), rehabilitation, defectology and psychological treatment, studies social adaptation, rehabilitation equipment, professional guidance, scientific-methodological department. Organized sector supplies.

   Social monitoring is carried out on the basis of full coverage of living in Moscow contingent of people with disabilities on a "call to himself." To do this, specially trained managers from the social workers (integration consultants), fixes on a regular basis on the administrative basis for the families of people with cerebral palsy, carry out screening and patronage family problems, identify their needs, if necessary, quickly and competently intervene in the provision of public services and rehabilitation coordinate efforts to address the problems.

   One of the areas of rehabilitation work of the Center is to introduce an original technique comprehensive rehabilitation accompanied by their parents according to the method of conductive pedagogy and motor replacement therapy A. Pe-ones (Hungary).

   In 2011 the rehabilitation services provided to 594 people., 68 of them, according to the method of conductive pedagogy and reducing their movement therapy. An.Pete.

   The Center uses modern Russian science-based methods and technologies, designed for patients with cerebral palsy, as well as in other fields of knowledge. Meaning — to find effective technology that can eliminate or offset the limitations of the human mobility, self-care, communication, monitoring their behavior. Currently there are "space" developments, including methods: video analysis of movements, dry immersion suit healing "Regent", simulating the plantar load "Corvo", disaster recovery and psihorelaksatsii "Relaksrotonda" etc.

   In 2012, the works on creation of outdoor rehabilitation space with landscaping Center (6977 sq. m.) Plot is divided into separate target areas:

 — cinama area;

 — social area — home adaptations to the layout of urban intersection;

 — recreation area, lined with shock-resistant material, selected in a specific color scheme (before September 1 of the current year will be a complex set of gaming equipment for children with limited mobility and orientation);

 — ergo zone — and kinesotherapy.

   Furthermore, the principles Univrsalnogo design area formed by walking in the Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired with the laying of tactile surfaces, and also organized a circular vehicular traffic with the ability to command the entrance of fire protection. These solutions can be used as a model for the organization of space rehabilitative, recreational, and other areas of the city.

   Also GAU "Moscow Research Center for Rehabilitation of the Disabled as a result of cerebral palsy" was the winner of the city competition "Moscow Yard — 2012" in the nomination "The most developed area of social protection."

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