The deepest metro station in Russia was opened in St. Petersburg

Dec. 28 in St. Petersburg opened metro station "Admiralty". She became the 65th St. Petersburg metro station. The total length of the escalators to the "Admiralty" is 120 meters, the tunnels were built at an angle of 30 degrees — the practice in the world did not exist.


"Today, the city is the main Christmas gift. This station can claim the title of the central station of St. Petersburg, is the deepest station in Russia " — Said at the opening of the St. Petersburg Mayor Georgy Poltavchenko.


"In addition, our builders were able to maintain the historical appearance of the center of St. Petersburg" — Said the governor of the northern capital.


It is planned that the passenger station will be about 30 — 35 thousand people a day. By the opening of the new station Petersburg Metro has released a collector’s medal with the kind of "Admiralty" with a circulation of 10 thousand

The station is located near the historical monuments of architecture — the Admiralty. In this regard, the basis for the architectural concept was based on the theme of formation of the Russian fleet in the era of Peter the Great, the first Russian naval victories in the Baltic Sea.

The station used several kinds of marble. The floors are gray granite, with three inlaid wind roses of different colors of marble. Arches station framed black columns, cast aluminum alloy. In the end of the station is located mosaic "Reason Admiralty Peter I». Between the columns are placed high reliefs of Russian admirals and admirals. The track walls are lined with marble colored waves of the Baltic Sea.


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