The fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant was in operation

Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP) located in the Tver region, is the largest producer of electricity in the central part of Russia, which provides it at least eight regions of the country. The first and second power units were put into operation another 1985-1987 years. The construction of two more reactors, as well as across the country, was frozen in 1991.

In November 2005, the third unit of Kalinin NPP yet been put into operation, and two years later began to Udomlya completion and the fourth unit capacity of 1 GW.

Letting him in trial operation — a landmark event for the Russian energy sector and the state. Firstly, It once again urged the Government that an ambitious program to develop nuclear energy, which was first announced here in Udomlya, in the spring of 2009, can actually be executed. "The work of the country’s energy complex is loaded for at least the next 10 years with total funding of more than $ 80 billion. This, of course, a very strong pace, is significant. Virtually real rebirth of the nuclear industry in Russia, are experiencing a renaissance, "- said yesterday while in the Tver region, President Vladimir Putin.

Secondly, an example of this power "Rosatom" has shown that he is able to actually reduce the cost of building nuclear power plants. Initially, the project was planned to spend 78.9 billion rubles (in terms of current prices). But nuclear power corporation were packed, according to the government and the regional authorities of 70 billion rubles.

Thirdly, KANUPP fourth unit itself is of great importance for the economic development of the central regions of Russia. It will allow the Kalinin nuclear power plant there every year to supply an additional 7 billion kW / h of electricity (in 2010 it was produced 22.4 billion kW / h). In order to transport this amount, the Federal Grid Company (FGC) has built the largest linear object on the post-Soviet space — power transmission line (PTL) 750 kV "Kalinin NPP-Gribovo" passing through five districts of the Tver region and two districts of the Moscow region. Substation 750 kV "Gribovo", the reconstruction of which is currently being finalized, will be the largest supply center in Europe, both in the total transformer capacity, and the number of connections with voltage class 750, 500, 220, 110 and 10 kV. "The construction of the schema objects of power unit № 4 of the Kalinin nuclear power plant will significantly improve the reliability of the core network ECO Center, and the opportunity to meet the needs of a dynamic electricity in the Moscow region in the run up to 2017", — stressed in the FGC.

The very construction of the Tver region of the fourth unit of Kalinin NPP was the largest investment projects carried out in the region in the past few years. "Nuclear power plant is the largest taxpayer in the region. With the launch of the fourth unit of tax payments to budgets of all levels will increase by more than 1.1 billion rubles, "- said the governor of the region Andrei Shevelov. In addition, as in other regions energoprofitsitnyh, nuclear power plant in the Tver region serves as a "magnet for investment." In particular, the agricultural holding "Ekoros" intends to create in the region of Tver region Udomelsky modern greenhouses for growing vegetables, the largest in the Russian fish farm and research center for the development and production of fertilizers from waste fish farming. In the Agribusiness value of about 11 billion rubles is planned to create a goat farm and processing plant goat milk. "Today we are creating in Udomlya district industrial zone, because those facilities that will be with today’s launch of the fourth unit, will post here the production, which will consume enough cheap energy," — said in an interview with Vladimir Putin, Andrei Shevelov.

Fourthly, commissioning of the fourth unit of the Kalinin nuclear power plant enables the region to continue the conversation with the federal government over the "Kalininki-2", construction of which is here, in the Tver region, discussed in the Soviet times. Now the Department of Energy also includes construction near Moscow on another nuclear power plant, which also would be one of the central elements of the power system of the Centre (she even assumed the name "Central"). But the place for it can be as Tver and Kostroma and Kaluga regions. "There is a fierce competition for the location of the station, and no final decision has been taken" — reported the head of "Rosatom" Sergey Kiriyenko, the situation in a conversation with the president, adding that "of course, it is more convenient to build here, it’s true."


Power unit from scratch

General Director of Rosatom congratulated participants of the ceremony to the final stage of construction of power and noted that over the years the industry has come a long way. Kiriyenko also shared his impressions of the Kalinin nuclear power plant to resume construction of the fourth unit.

"I will not forget the picture of the fourth power, which grew out of a tree, an eerie feeling of incomprehension, when this work is completed," — said the director general of Rosatom.

Kiriyenko said that the completion of construction of power — is to restore the continuity of the achievements of the Soviet nuclear industry.

"It is, in fact, the first unit in Russia, which was built from scratch," — said the head of Rosatom.

Kiriyenko said that the process of construction in the Russian nuclear scientists have shown that they can build on time and placed in a dedicated funding. He added that the construction of the fourth unit was able to save nearly 10% of total funding: $ 7 billion rubles allocated for the construction of 76 billion rubles.

Digital control

Working on power shift supervisor Maxim Ganichev told reporters that the fourth unit of KNPP — the most modern, effective in the Russian Federation today.

According to him, in contrast to the first stage of the power station, this unit is equipped with a digital control system, which is more convenient for operators and allows multiple reserve system control unit.

In regard to the acceptance of the unit into operation, Ganichev explained that "from this day on the block will be taken into account in the balance of power of the country will" pay taxes. "

Construction of power has created more than 400 jobs. Kalinin nuclear power station generates a significant portion of revenues Tver region. For example, in 2011 the regional budget paid 1.1 billion rubles. With the commissioning of the fourth unit of the amount of tax revenue will increase in 2013, twice.

Physical start of the fourth power — the first load of nuclear fuel in the reactor core — was held in October 2011, and in December 2011 in the presence of then Prime Minister Vladimir Putin took power start. The unit was put into 50% of the nominal power. From that moment began a one-year phase of the "break" — pilot production unit, which test the operation of the system in different modes and in different conditions.

About a week ago Rostehnadzor issued certificate of c
ompliance of the fourth unit of the technical regulations.

Kalinin nuclear power plant is located in the north of the Tver region, 350 kilometers from Moscow. Is the largest producer of electricity in the central part of Russia. The first and second power units of VVER-1000 with capacity of 1 GW each were built in 1984 and 1986.

The second phase of the Kalinin nuclear power plant, which included the third and fourth power units with VVER-1000, was launched in 1984. Construction shall be suspended in the 1990s, a third unit was commissioned in 2004. The construction of the fourth unit was stopped in 1991 when the construction work was completed by 20%, and was renewed in 2007.


The modernization and extension of the first and second units of the Kalinin Nuclear Power Plant (KNPP) in the next four years will be spent 24.5 billion rubles, told the director general of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko.

"At the launch of the commercial operation of the fourth power station development program will not stop. For modernization and life extension of the first unit is planned to allocate 8.5 billion rubles and almost 16 billion rubles — for the modernization and extension of the second unit," — said Kiriyenko after the ceremony admission promekspluatatsiyu fourth unit of Kalinin NPP.

General Director of Rosatom said that the modernization program of the first power unit will be completed in 2014, the second — in 2016.

Kiriyenko said that the life of power is extended by at least 26 years of age. "This means that the timing of the two units of the first stage goes beyond 2040," — said the head of Rosatom.



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