The German company Bayer and Novouralsk plant Medsintez —

production of medicines in Russia

The German company Bayer and Novouralsk plant "Medsintez" have agreed on the joint production of medicines, the first of which will be the antibiotic "Avelox", which will be available now in the Sverdlovsk facility. The relevant agreement in the presence of Governor Yevgeny Kuyvasheva signed by the chairman of board of directors "Plant" Medsintez "Alexander Petrov and a representative of the company" Bayer Helskea Global ", head of" Bayer Pharmaceutical Helskea "in Russian Dr. Victor Geisler.


The plant "Medsintez" passed a series of audits on compliance with quality standards of German concern. As part of the partnership agreement will give Bayer "Medsintez" production technology and raw materials. The test of the party "Avelox" will be released later this year. Start commercial production of the drug is scheduled for 2014. Antibiotic produced in Novoural’sk will be packed in plastic containers, which will facilitate the delivery of drugs to hospitals, as well as the installation and use of IVs.

Welcoming the executives at the signing ceremony, Eugene Kuyvashev noted that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most promising areas in the region’s economy. This is largely due to the creation of the "Ural biomedical cluster." The implementation of the investment project allowed the plant "Medsintez" to get a unique experience in the production of drugs by European standards and GMP standards Bayer.