The history of the RPG-32 Nashshab

Over 7 years of weapons turned into a legend and has gained wide popularity

  • The history of the RPG-32 "Nashshab"
  • The history of the RPG-32 "Nashshab"

Jordan’s King Abdullah II Bin Al-Hussein and CEO corporation Rostekhnadzor Chemezov May 30, 2013 officially opened in Jordan assembly plant RPG-32 "Nashshab." The assembly plant is owned by Jadara Equipment & Defence Systems, aka — "Jordanian-Russian electronic systems» (Jordan Russian Electronic Systems Co.).

It took seven years to start production of the RPG-32. During this time the grenade became a legend and has gained wide popularity. This is no wonder, since it is considered the most powerful in the world — a homogeneous armor breaks up to a meter thick. So it is very interesting to know the true story of its creation. For this reporter, "HBO" has met one of the main founders of the grenade launcher Vladimir Koren’kova, former CEO — Chief Designer SSPE "Basalt". 


The exhibition of armament in Abu Dhabi in March 2005 met three groups of stakeholders. First — led by the Jordanian king, the second — high-level representatives of "Rosoboronexport" and the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC).

First, a meeting with representatives of the Generalitat of Jordan, who said that they would be interested to participate in the development of any modern weapons.

King Abdullah II pays great attention to the development of high technology products. In the Jordanian national design bureau King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB), for example, focused development sighting devices of very high quality from different countries. Moreover, the Jordanians are even authorized users, that is, have the right to do something to develop or refine. By Tank theme — a favorite theme of the King — together with South Africa set up a tank with an uninhabited combat module instead of the tower. But on the battlefield weapons and ammunition subject had nothing.

On the same day in the conference room of the pavilion "Rosoboronexport" met all the parties concerned. Within an hour, the king presented the Russian ammunition products, and talked about the prospects of operating time.

Says Vladimir Koren’kov: "Abdullah II enjoyed it, after a while, he expressed interest in order to develop Jordan and said that Russia could offer? Immediately the idea bikalibernosti.

Because it is irrational to carry a heavy grenade launcher, when only 10% of the targets on the battlefield require a 105 mm caliber. The rest is well solved by conventional shots at mass. And then he came up with the name of the move RPG-32.

It is very light grenade launcher, which is also the case for sighting device. And the system of sealed cartridges of different caliber bullets. Plus a good telescope, which is expected to develop further as a fire control unit.

But at the same time, another idea was born — to promote the weapons markets, primarily in the Middle East, using the rebranding. Russian weapons at the same quality always sold half the price of the foreign. Change that could only be re-branding, to offer these products from another vendor. "

A fundamentally new launcher done in just one year. This was facilitated by a major technological advance, we had in our KB enterprise "Basalt" and the strong line-up of designers. Difficulties encountered "paper" part of the project — the numerous coordination and preparation of documents for the intergovernmental agreement.

On the "Basalt" already had a bad experience of creating such enterprises in Bulgaria and India. They are still in the initial stage, literally drowning in bureaucratic procedures.

Vladimir Koren’kov sure FSMTC without a leader and adviser to Mikhail Dmitriev Vladimir Poletova neither plant nor of the RPG-32 would simply not exist. Opposition to the project was felt from the very beginning, but it is unclear how it goes. Suffice it to say that the contract actually entered into force upon completion of all construction work. "Basalt" received payment after the RPG-32 was ready.

All development activities (R & D) walked through the decree of the president and the state intermediary — "Rosoboronexport". Very actively involved his staff in the preparation of all documents for the international part of and agreement with the authorities. Of particular note is the chief of department of "Rosoboronexport" Mikhail Bychkov.

Changed several times over the financing scheme works — that for their own means, then by borrowing. King was originally prepared to pay for all of their funds. But in the end the government loan was obtained. In parallel, the idea took shape in the construction of the plant in Jordan. There was supposed to coarse-grained assemblage of further authorization as possible.

Was held inside a tender for the sight, and the Belarusian BelOMO offered the best conditions. In the future, his staff quickly responded to all of the need to change the characteristics of the impact of the complex. Did very well, and for reasonable money. And now continue to improve sight already directly cooperating with Jordan.

Training equipment

At the same time combat RPG-32 model was made with a set of practical training equipment. Previously, under the educational estate understood posters, cutting layouts, commander boxes etc. On the "Basalt" fell under this category grenade launcher, firing inert shots that are very cheap. The fact that businesses have the right to conduct foreign trade in service and training simulators, systems and complexes.

"Basalt" used this opportunity by creating a new product. As a result, by 2009, the company export orders for training shots exceeded orders for military goods. Same with the state defense order. Combat Reflexes, acquired when using this type of training and combat weapons, exactly the same. All the same, except for the possibility of getting barotrauma shooter. If the military shot — hit about 160 decibels, actually light concussion, the school — 135-140 decibels, which carries virtually painless and allows you to continue target practice. No accumulation of injuries hearing and work enough real shooting skills. This property is very highly valued by foreign military experts. It’s not just about the RPG-32, training equipment has been developed for almost the entire line of Russian launchers: RPG-22, RPG-26, RPG-29, RShG-1, etc.

Was made a large batch of school property, including the RPG-32, about 10 thousand shots. Were delivered in Jordan, in the domestic training for special forces. But this production of the school property to "Basalt" ceased. And the market is actually lost. The cause was a review of the production and design plans for the new leadership, "Basalt". Vladimir Koren’kov at the end of April 2009 was dismissed from the post of CEO. And to be a principal designer, knowing that the company will restructure and reduce the design work, he does not want to.

The state defense order for inert shots received factory "Plant". It empl
oyed a different technology: the product obtained from the arsenal of the Defense Ministry, dismantled, peresnaryazhali and in 80% of the price of a new product again supplied to the army. The same ammo, but without the fuse and explosives. That is, the army lost military product and paid for it a second time to get inert. For the same money "Basalt" could deliver up to five times more of the school property without a loss at Arsenal.


Assembly plant in Jordan had to make in the fall of 2009. In April 2009, when Vladimir Koren’kov left the "basalt", any activity in this area ceased.

But the Russian-Jordanian treaty remained in force, the plant was supposed to build. In March 2010, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, accompanied by the head of the Government of the Hashemite Kingdom of Samir al-Rifai and Foreign Minister Nasser Jody has arrived in Moscow to address the issues of military-technical cooperation. After talks with President Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in April signed new export agreements. This includes the establishment of a Jordanian assembling RPG-32 on the new conditions.

In the summer of that year, the international salon "MVSV 2010" held in Zhukovsky in the framework of the 1st International Forum "Engineering Technologies", the Jordanian side demonstrated a model of the future plant.

In February of the following year at the international defense exhibition "IDEX-2011" in Abu Dhabi CEO SSPE "Basalt" Alexander Rybas told the press that the construction of a plant for the production of Jordan multikalibernogo new RPG-32 will begin in the near future.

In mid-December 2011 Rybas reiterated that plant Russian RPG-32 will open in May 2012.

Another application guide "Basalt" made in January 2012: "Construction of the plant is finished and we will continue to install there equipment, train staff, and in the future, the plant will work. Some delay in 2009-2010 was due to the fact that they were not properly resolved intellectual property issues, but this year all the necessary documents signed with the Jordanian side. "

But only in March 2013 in the United Arab Emirates on the inside of arms "IDEX 2013" new CEO now NGO "Basalt" Vladimir Porhachev said: "Commissioned by Jordan factory we have handed over to the customer. Jordan Commission accepted it. The Russian side has started supplying car-kits for the assembly of rocket-propelled grenades. He explained: "In the first half of the year will ship in Jordan 10,000 machine-sets, and the remaining 10,000 will ship in the second half of the year. Total for the year Jordanian plant will produce 20,000 new RPG-32 "Hashim".

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