The intense heat has killed three people in Japan

August 10, 2013. Three people died in Japan because of the intense heat that prevails in most parts of the country. Still, at least 1,729 people have been hospitalized with heat stroke, eight of them — in a serious condition.

According to the Central Fire Department Japan, which serves as the MOE, in three prefectures of the country, the thermometer for the first time in the last six years have risen above the level of 40 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature of 40.7 degrees was recorded in Simantov in Kochi Prefecture. In Tokyo, the figure was more than 37 degrees.

In total, since the beginning of summer in Japan have died from heat stroke more than 40 people, and in the hospital were more than 31 thousand people. The bulk of the victims and the victims — aged 60, ITAR-TASS reported.

Many of them have heat strokes in overheated stuffy rooms, most often at home. According to the authorities, some of the affected fundamentally did not include air conditioning in their homes for reasons of economy.

The Government of Japan is generally recommended not to put these devices on the temperature below 28 degrees, but in recent years encourages the people of the country do not tolerate the heat to the detriment of their health. The population is recommended to be less than the Sun, is mandatory to wear hats, include air conditioning and drink lots of water.

Source: DNI.RU

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