The new development OmPA Radiozavod the AS Popov was successfully field tested


Omsk Production Association "named after AS Popov Radio Plant" has conducted successful field testing of complex hardware connection (CAS) 6th generation.

CAS and CAS-TR-TM used to build the transport networks of different architecture and typology of communication and are designed to operate in support of operational communications centers and the operational and tactical levels of management. The study is based on the principles of CAS packet multidirectional digital communications. CAS provides rapid deployment of independent secure communication lines, channeling a branch of the tropospheric and wireline and compatible with all types of network equipment.

According to those present at the trials of military observers, "a new development of Omsk radio plant meets all the requirements for the combined automated digital system of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and for a variety of characteristics superior to foreign counterparts terrestrial communications technology."

"Professionals OmPA" Radiofactory them. Popov "was able to solve the basic problem, to ensure full consistency of all the available types and communication protocols and to ensure secure communication with the construction of a single, integrated communications system that combines different departmental and civil communication", — stressed the military observers.

CAS development OmPA "AS Popov Radio Plant" allows the organization to provide video conferencing and video data transmission.

During the field test was also carried out successfully connect to the CAS mobilization communication system cellular operator "MegaFon".

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