The new mini-ecotrail appeared at the cordon of Altay Nature Reserve

A new ecological mini-trail, which will tell visitors about caring for the indigenous peoples of the Altai to nature and natural resources, appeared to cordon Karatas Altai Reserve, according to the website of the reserve.

"The first phase of resettlement ecological trail" Path of the Hunter "to cordon Altai Reserve Karatas. Trail dedicated to the life, family life, cultural and historical features of the traditional nature of the Altai people. Ecotrail main task: to tell visitors about caring for the reserve of indigenous peoples of the Altai to nature, their sound approach to natural resources, "- said in a statement.

One of the most interesting buildings in the path — Altai Ceadar. This is a national housing indigenous peoples of the Altai. Information boards tell visitors about renewable energy, and about one of the most iconic objects of everyday life Altaian — hitching post. 

In the Altai biosphere reserve, which is included in the list of natural heritage, you can visit all the cordons and nature trails, located on Lake Teletsk. Only six trails in the nature reserve, with a total length — 42.2 kilometers. To explore a path that tourists have to spend the whole day, but visitors are often limited in time. In June, the Reserve had the first mini-ecotrail the cordon Baygazan.

Environmentalists point out that all educational trails conservation area are made in a single concept: from natural materials that are available at each specific site (rocks, fins, etc.) and can be used for construction without compromising nature.

Ceadar — the most ancient in origin dwelling indigenous Altai

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