The new plant Oka poultry (Ryazan region).

Ryazan know that products come to the counter for a day after the production and packaging. In agricultural holding JSC "Poultry Oka", which is a leader in the egg industry in Russia, there is every reason to increase production as demand for tasty and fresh egg "Oka" is growing.

In the factory, increasing population of laying hens. By the end of 2011 produced 1.65 million eggs per day, 50 million pieces per month. In 2010 the total was produced 512 million eggs, and for this agricultural holding out on the level of production 573 million eggs. New structural unit was opened in poultry this year production site near the village of Dasha-2. The recently enacted for the second workshop, and each of the two new hosted by 123,000 laying hens. It is planned that with the introduction of the four new plants production facility will increase by almost 30%.

Not far from the village Vyshetravino enters the final stages of construction Oka hatchery — the largest not only in our region but also throughout Russia. The production capacity of the first phase of "Oka incubator" — 40 million eggs, it’s 15 million chickens. Own factory need — 2.5 million birds, the rest will be sold.

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