The South China typhoon hit Yutor

August 14, 2013. On the southern regions of China today typhoon hit "Yutor." The main blow a hurricane, the wind speed in the center of which is more than 150 kilometers per hour, was in the province of Guangdong, where in some areas as of 16:00 local time / 12:00 MSK / weatherman recorded 250 mm of rain falling. This is reported by the local meteorological service.

Authorities have issued a warning of possible floods and landslides. According to forecasts, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday, the 11th in a row at this year's typhoon reaches Guasni Zhuang Autonomous Region.

With the approach of typhoon "Yutor" from the southern provinces of Guangdong and Hainan were temporarily evacuated 158 thousand people. In the island province of Hainan because of the approaching storm in the port returned more than 26 thousand ships. Locals are encouraged to stay indoors.

Earlier in these provinces was announced last one — "red" — the level of danger.

Source: Euronews

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